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From 13 to 17 August 2022, the Omitted References will be presented at The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park.

Participating Artists took early research on feminism as a starting point, expanded the concept of feminism, and included post-human feminism and eco-feminism. It is commonly-known that historiography has mainly been constructed and written by men, whereas women and minorities have rarely been documented; these omitted voices have contributed to the lack of objectivity.

The contributions and achievements of women have been weakened, resulting in the oppression of their rights and status. The environmental issue is another omitted reference. Eco-feminist thinkers try to link the oppression and domination of female communities to environmental degradation: Throughout time, due to unequal resource acquisition, female communities have constantly suffered from oppression and exploitation. The threat to women in the challenging living environment strongly reflecting their unequal status.

Over the past 30 years, female artists have managed to find opportunities and the possibility of expanding their practice in order to have a voice. Omitted References offers the chance for different omitted groups to present a more diverse range of views, exploring the connections between the environment, gender equality, female health, and non-human through the lens of different identities.

The exhibition was initiated by Huang Yanting, and curated by Daisy Wang, Yan Xie, Yanting Huang, and Wenqi Zou. Participating artists include Adri São Bento, Buket Yenidoğan, Cloe Galasso, Daisy Wang, Elspeth Walker, Fang Freya Wang, Hanne Peeraer, Healer (Ri Su, Xiaoying Lin, Zhiqi Fan, Ziyi Luo), Jesse May Fisher, Kate Howe, Molly Grad, Sarah-Athina Nahas, Sarra Badel, Wenqi Zou, Xiangfei Yan, Xinyu Xu, Yanting Huang, Yue Yu.

Omitted References