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Information Experience Design

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Dr Kevin Walker
Dr Kevin Walker

IED is about transforming information into experiences through design, encompassing sound and moving image design, data visualisation, installations and exhibitions, interface and experience design. IED is not merely about interaction or technology – a critical perspective, an investigative approach and artistic methods serve as a platform for a wide range of research-led practice. Having quickly gained a global reputation for innovative research and experimental practice, IED includes MA and PhD students, research and consultancy.


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  • Andrey Manirko

    Andrey Manirko

    I initially enrolled on Visual Communication but after the first few weeks I found out about Information Experience Design and transferred. I didn’t know about it before. I have a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Bristol and worked for two years in documentary for Animal Planet and National Geographic

  • Natasha Trotman

    Natasha Trotman

    At the end of my first year on Information Experience Design, it’s been a steep learning curve, but an enjoyable one. I’ve got a whole new set of skills. My background is graphic design and computer science, so information experience design is a good marriage of the two



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