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Dr Kevin Walker
Dr Kevin Walker

IED is about transforming information into experiences through design, encompassing sound and moving image design, data visualisation, installations and exhibitions, interface and experience design. IED is not merely about interaction or technology – a critical perspective, an investigative approach and artistic methods serve as a platform for a wide range of research-led practice. Having quickly gained a global reputation for innovative research and experimental practice, IED includes MA and PhD students, research and consultancy.


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  • Joanne Harik

    Joanne Harik

    I did my BA in Graphic Design at the American University of Beirut. Most of my work was screen-based or in print – I hadn’t really worked with anything 3D. Then I worked for a year in New York at a company called, and that’s when I was exposed to working with information and data.

  • Michaela French

    Michaela French

    Though I’ve been thinking about doing a PhD for a very long time, I’m coming to it quite late in life. I came across the Information Experience Design programme and it seemed to combine all the various different things that I do; all of the things that were part of my practice but which had always seemed to be quite divergent. It was like finding my idea of heaven.

  • William Fairbrother

    William Fairbrother

    I studied Archaeology and Anthropology at Durham University. While I was there I did a lot of design work on the side, making posters, and so on, for events at my college. By the end of my BA I knew that I wanted to do a Master’s degree that would continue some of the themes of my undergrad – the big themes, such as what it means to be human – but I also knew that I didn’t want to produce academic papers.

  • Caroline Claisse

    Caroline Claisse

    I am very lucky to have been able to study in lots of different places. My first degree was in Paris, where I studied visual communication for two years. When I moved to London I did a BA in Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication, during which I took a year out to pursue something called a Diploma in Professional Studies. As part of that diploma I got an internship at MoMA.



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