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Architecture at the RCA seeks to encourage individual speculation, experimentation and innovation. 



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  • Rosa Ainley

    Rosa Ainley, MPhil Architecture, 2012–

    Before I arrived at the RCA, I was at the Architectural Association and had been there for nine years. My career has really been as an editor and writer – I started working as a print editor and finally web editor. During this time, I developed a specialism in architecture and contemporary art works. Originally, it was just by chance, but as I started getting more work in this area, it became something I was interested in and I started actively pursuing it.

  • Rowan Prady

    Rowan Prady

    I studied at the University of Bath for my undergraduate degree in Architecture which was technically quite challenging and focussed on construction, theory and engineering. It was a great foundation for where I’m at now, so I’m thankful in hindsight for how tough I found it. It also gave me the opportunity to travel to New Delhi where I spent a brief time on placement with a construction company – visiting some of their huge development sites around the city definitely broadened my horizons.