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Tim Webb
Tim Webb

The Animation programme is a world leader in practice and research, with a commitment to broadening the understanding of our complex discipline. We offer a unique learning and teaching environment, developing the creativity and skills required in an age of rapid cultural and technological change to enable students to contribute to this expanding and maturing field of moving image



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  • Sophie Gate

    Sophie Gate

    I studied Graphic Design at Saint Martin’s. I was never happy with graphic design or illustration, so I was working more with moving image. Then I saw Julia Pott’s animation work from Kingston University, and it was a real inspiration.

  • Stephen McNally

    Stephen McNally

    Before the Royal College of Art, I was working for RTÉ, the national broadcaster in Ireland, putting together title sequences for programmes and doing their graphics. I’d done a BA about seven years before that in Visual Communications, including illustration and graphic design, and the job at RTÉ involved a lot of animation.

  • Eamonn O’Neill

    Eamonn O’Neil

    Before I came to the RCA, I was working in Ireland as a character animator on television shows and short films. I’d studied on a four-year animation degree in Dublin.

  • Tereza Stehlikova, PhD Animation 2008–12

    Tereza Stehlikova

    After my MA in Animation at the RCA in 2001, I did lots of self-generated projects but was lacking formal structure and deadlines. I had also started teaching at the University of Westminster in the drawings and workshops, up to 2008.



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