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Visual Communication

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Rathna Ramanathan
Dr Rathna Ramanathan

In this unprecedented time of major change and new challenges in the world of Visual Communication, we have been thrown into the centre of an exciting vortex and have to grab the immense potential at hand.



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  • Livia Lima

    Livia Lima

    I grew up in Brazil, but at 20 moved to New Zealand. After graduating from a BA in Graphic Design in Auckland, I worked for a consultancy and then started my own studio with a friend. The studio was going really well. We had started to win awards and I was art directing but things happened so quickly

  • Catrin Morgan

    Catrin Morgan

    I went to Leeds Metropolitan to do Fine Art in 2001 and had my own baking business for a while. I worked as an artist but never really found it satisfying – my work was too illustrative and I was more concerned with narrative



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