Interdisciplinary Working

The Royal College of Art supports cross-pollination, promoting discourse across disciplines.

The RCA teaches ‘design in an art environment, and art in a design environment', and barriers that keep disciplines separate are challenged, as is evident from the vistas, walkways and cut-throughs of the Dyson Building where students from across programmes interact with one another, to the College’s cross-disciplinary hubs such as the Moving Image Studio or RapidFormRCA. 

The RCA student body is diverse. Students come from around the world with backgrounds as varied as nuclear science, journalism, medicine, computer engineering, business administration and music. Such range of perspective enriches students, igniting new ways of thinking and sparking innovation as they move between media and materials.

The College’s annual AcrossRCA programme gives staff and students a more formal chance of working together through a series of interdisciplinary collaborative projects that explore new ideas, approaches and skills.

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Interdisciplinary Working