The Royal College of Art has a long history of innovation, both within the College and in its associations with other institutions.

It is the combination of disciplines and skills, rather than their isolated applications, that catalyses the fresh perspectives and practice that triggers innovation. This approach has earned the College a reputation as a hothouse of creative ideas, a sort of ‘creative arts factory’, where fine art collaborates with science or design with engineering and business.

The RCA’s emphasis on practice-led research – thinking through doing and making – informs both new industrial and commercial processes, and contributes to society and culture. Graduate work continues to pioneer new processes and applications, from Jorge Lopes Dos Santos’ groundbreaking process making 3D-printed models of foetuses using data from ultrasound, CT and MRI scans to Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s work in synthetic biology. Members of staff’s own research, meanwhile, such as Dr Steve Brown’s work on the restoration of the Meissen Fountain helps forge new paths for art and design education, updating the taught elements of the Master’s courses.

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