Private Accommodation Providers

To find good accommodation in London, we highly recommend you visit different locations in London. It is important that you view the room, flat or house you are renting from a potential landlord or agent before you pay any money to ensure that the accommodation offer is genuine. It is also very important you read the accommodation contract thoroughly before you sign and move in. 

Practical Resources 

  • University of London Housing Services 
    We cooperate with University of London Housing Services (ULHS), and as a RCA student you are entitled to use the services provided by ULHS. They provide a dedicated service which offers a range of services to assist and support students who are looking for and living in private accommodation.
  • Shelter
    Provide expert advice on private renting and housing. 

Private Providers 

Home stay

  • HFS London
    A British Council registered London Homestay Accommodation provider. 
  • Hosts International
    Provider of London homestay accommodation for hosting foreign students. Officially registered with the British Council.

Ad Hoc Guardians

  • Ad Hoc Guardians
    Provides low-cost accommodation to tenants who look after vacant properties such as flats, schools or offices.


Transit Short-Term and Emergency Accommodation

If you find yourself without accommodation when you first arrive, the London Tourist Board will be able to help you book a hotel or room. There are Tourist Information Centres all over London. 


Student Support 

+44 (0)20 7590 4140