Our main printmaking workshops are based in the Dyson Building, Battersea, with our Letterpress suite based in the Stevens Building in Kensington. The printmaking workshops can offer one-to-one advice in the five principle disciplines.
Students can make use of the printmaking facilities once they have been inducted in the discipline area and by arrangement with the relevant technical instructors. Material costs will be charged to the student at a base rate.

Lithography offers offset and photo-lithography up to B1 size, and includes four-colour work and duo tone. Autographic processes include traditional stone and zinc plate lithography.

Etching and relief-block printing includes the full intaglio range of photographic and autographic process and includes lino, collagraph and woodcut engraving techniques.

Screenprinting offers large-format photographic and hand-drawn printing options, including four-colour process work. 

Digital provision includes high quality, large-format printing and a dedicated in-house scanning and film reprographic facility.

Letterpress provides various printing presses so that students can explore techniques relevant to their coursework.

"The Printmaking area runs a series of introductory workshops in all Printmaking disciplines throughout the term. Attendance at these workshops is a pre-requisite requirement to access and use these facilities."