Jewellery & Metal

Technical staff based in the Woo Building support the Jewellery & Metalthere support the programme's major specialist making requirements including day-to-day advice, demonstration and assistance. Between them, they have a wide range of specialist technical expertise. Facilities include 2D and 3D making encompassing CAD/CAM, computer-modelling, rapid-prototyping, casting, forging, welding techniques, patination, cast and press work, plating, spark erosion and tool making. The programme also maintains a database archive of past and present student projects and a study collection of student work for reference.

Facilities on offer include a wide range of processes from anodising, CAD/CAM milling, Computer-modelling and rapid-prototyping, casting, electro-forming, enamelling, forging, TIG/MIG and laser welding to patination, plating, press work, spark erosion and tool making. Larger machinery is located in the production workshop that students may use after the appropriate induction and as skills develop. There is also dedicated computing with 2D and 3D software linked to scanning, printing and CNC output devices. This facility is regularly upgraded and training sessions are provided. Stocks of materials, including a limited range of gold and silver, are maintained for daily issue. Other materials and specialist technical services are sourced on demand. Support towards the procurement of precious and expensive materials is available on request and managed by the technical team.

"The students have access to an impressive range of facilities across the College, from glass-blowing, to rapid-prototyping, to textile weaving, to printmaking, to photography and film studios."