3D Workshops

The 3D Workshops are located in the Darwin Building, Kensington. There are a variety of workshops for object-making in a wide range of media. Facilities include a Wood Workshop, Metal Fabrication, Engineering, Plastics Workshop and a Resin and Moulding studio as well as CNC and Laser Cutting facilities. A spray booth is available for spray paint finishes and a number of bookable project and making spaces complete the facilities.

Bench Areas
Bench areas are used for larger scale construction work, including laminating and preliminary shaping and finishing of models, maquettes and prototypes.

Wood Workshop
This area is used to prepare and cut to dimension materials including wood, MDF, acrylics, cork and non-metallic composites.

Engineering Workshop
This area is used to machine precision metal components on the lathes and milling machine, and for the conversion of sheet, tube and solid metal stock.

Metal Fabrication & Welding Workshops
This area is equipped with tools and equipment used in the cutting, forming, joining and manipulation of metals. The welding bay is equipped with tools and equipment used in the cutting, welding, brazing and manipulation of metals.

Model Making/Assembly Areas
Students use this area for final assembly, fit and finishing of maquettes, prototypes and display models.

Resin Studio
The processes that are carried out in this area include silicone mould making, and investment casting of resins, silicones and rubbers.

Vacuum-forming & Plastics
This area is used by students to carry out vacuum-forming and heat bending plastic processes.

Laser-cutting Room
Students can attend laser inductions in order to access the laser-cutter resources. Technical Staff are on hand to support the preparation and safe operation of laser cutting resources in a wide variety of laser safe materials.

CNC Room
Students can attend CNC inductions in order to access the CNC resources. Technical Staff are on hand to support the preparation and CNC machining of a wide range of materials in 3,4 & 5 axis CNC machines.

College-wide Facilities
Access to a range of technical resources can be provided, and students are encouraged to use College-wide facilities, including the RCA Library, located in Kensington. Some facilities are subject to an induction and access is granted following an assessment of academic need.

Ceramics & Glass – Facilities include areas for hot glass making, cold glass working, kiln forming, plaster model and mould making, plastic clay making, as well as clay and glaze development.

College Shop and Raw Materials Store – The stores sell a variety of graphics, art, fabric and haberdashery supplies, wood and acrylic, stationery and paper, as well as free hire of tools and ladders.

Print Shops – Provides various high-quality, large-format inkjet printing and vinyl cutting in colour, greyscale and black and white.

Fashion – Facilities include access to a fabric stockroom and specialist software within the College computing suite, as well as a wide variety of specialist sewing machinery, for both apparel and footwear, as well as dummies and finishing presses.

Textiles – Workshops for textiles include a large-scale printmaking workshop, a dedicated dye lab, mixed media and sewing workshop and extensive knit and weave facilities that include computerised handlooms, an industrial jacquard power loom with APSO software and a dobby power loom. High-tech printing and knitting is also accessible with a state-of-the-art Shima digital knit facility.

Jewellery & Metal – Processes available include anodising, CAD/CAM-milling, computer modelling and rapid prototyping, casting, electroforming, enamelling, forging, tool making, patination, plating, presswork, spark erosion and laser, MIG and TIG welding.

Lens-based Media and Audio Resources – Facilities include a variety of photography, animation and moving-image studios that provide filming, lighting and sound workshops.

Painting and Sculpture – Materials workshops are provided, as well as a stretcher service and well-equipped metal and wood workshops.

Printmaking – There are etching, lithography, intaglio, screen printing and letterpress areas available to students, as well as a digital suite with large-format digital printing and a reprographics workshop.

Resource Stores – Free hire of lens-based media and AV equipment.

SmartZone – The SmartZones across the College include training rooms and open-access computer areas. The technical workshops here showcase a variety of software and digital processes including group and 1:1 sessions with technologists.

"There are a variety of workshops for object-making in a wide range of media. in the 3D Workshops across College."