3D Workshops

The 3D Workshops are based on the second floor of the Darwin Building in Kensington. There are a variety of workshops for object-making in a wide range of media. Facilities include a Wood Workshop, Metal Fabrication, Engineering, a Plastics Workshop and a Resin, Clay and Moulding studio. A spray booth is available for specialist paint finishes and a number of bookable project and making spaces complete the facilities.

The 3D Workshops consist of the following areas:

Model Making/Assembly Area

Students use this area for final assembly, fit and finishing of maquettes, prototypes and display models. 

Bench Areas

The bench areas are used for larger scale construction work, including laminating and preliminary shaping and finishing of models, maquettes and prototypes.

5-axis Milling Machine

Located within the bench area, the 5-axis milling is used to machine parts to precise sizes and shapes. The machine is operated by a milling machine programmer.

Wood Workshop

This area is used to prepare and cut to dimension materials including wood, MDF, acrylics, cork and non-metallic composites.

Metal Fabrication & Welding Workshops

This area is equipped with tools and equipment used in the cutting, forming, joining and manipulation of metals.

Welding Bay

The welding bay is equipped with tools and equipment used in the cutting, welding, brazing and manipulation of metals.

Engineering Workshop

This area is used to machine precision components on the lathes and milling machine, and for the conversion of sheet, tube and solid metal stock.

Spray Booth

The Darwin spray booth is used for the spraying of primers, paints and lacquers and includes a large water curtain spray booth with drying shelves.

Synthetic Clay Studio

The processes that are carried out in this area include clay modelling/surfacing. Traditionally a technique used in automotive design, clay modelling has been more recently been widely used across all the programme disciplines.  

Resin Studio

The processes that are carried out in this area include silicon mould making, and investment casting of resins, silicons and rubbers.

Vacuum-forming & Laser-cutting Room

This area is used by students to carry out vacuum-forming processes. Students can also attend laser inductions in order to access the laser-cutter, or deliver materials to the College’s laser-cutting bureau service.