Yusuf Muhammad


  • Words Plus is an experimental project, with the aim of investigating and designing new ways to add more information into, or alongside, text.

    Words + …… = better communication

    It is driven by a desire to develop a more holistic communication medium with visual story-telling, timing and emotional context. It was inspired by the difference between listening to and reading a great speech. Writing and reading are intimately and intrinsically bound to speech, a flow, constantly changing in frequencies, loudness and pitch. The words on a page only become meaningful via an 'internal speech'.

  • Degrees

  • MEng (Hons) Mechanical Design, Materials & Manufacture, University of Nottingham, 2006
  • Experience

  • User Research & Product Investigation Team, Future Acoustic, London, 2007; Foundry Internship, Russell Casting Ltd, Leicester, 2005; Research Placement, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, 2004
  • Exhibitions

  • Go Global China, Tsinghu, Beijing, China, 2007
  • Awards

  • Finalist, Basketball Shoe Design, Kicksguide Artist Series, 2006; Twice Winner, Business Ideas, Imperial Entrepreneurs' Ideas Challenge, 2007; Shortlisted, User Focused/Inclusive Design, Design For Our Future Selves Award, Helen Hamlyn Centre, 2008