Thomas Feary

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The new town of Laindon-on-Sea sits at an intersection between the deprived seaside town of Great Yarmouth and idyllic North Norfolk coastline. Conventionally perceived as a sleepy and uneventful part of the world, this project engages with the reality of a highly volatile set of conditions, namely the rapid intensification of agricultural production, the influx of EU migrant workers which has seemingly heightened pre-existing societal tensions and as a consequence generated an atmosphere of political instability. In addition to this social fragility, the local coastline has been decimated in recent years by the forces of the sea, thereby causing land and property to become devalued on the open market.

Laindon-on-Sea sees this fragility as a potential basis for a new town to service North Norfolk council's [modest] housing targets, including an unlikely set of people brought together by circumstance rather than choice and unified in a common goal for self-build and self-organisation. The project aims to reverse the stereotype of informal settlements being reserved solely for the developing world and propose an autonomous mode of housing production, when faced with the indifference of volume housebuilders to ease Britain's deepening housing crisis.


  • MA Degree


    School of Architecture


    MA Architecture, 2015



  • London-based designer and freelance writer. Graduated from University of Bath in 2012 with experience of working in architectural offices in Milan, Barcelona, Paris and London.
  • Degrees

  • Bsc Architecture, University of Bath, 2012
  • Experience

  • Cowper Griffith Architects, Cambridge, 2014; Dorell Ghotmeh Tane Architects, Paris, 2011; Pich Aguilera Architects, Barcelona, 2011; Cibic & Partners, Milan, 2010
  • Publications

  • 'Paradise, Privacy and Protection', Tremors Magazine 2014