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Tamu Nkiwane

MA work


In this work I’m investigating the topography and history of London and South Africa. I do this by looking at the nuances involved in my own history. By looking at the personal and impersonal I wish to come to my own conclusions. I take a look at the framework which has affected the social condition amongst young people and rip it apart so as to better understand it! I talk to people, record conversations, assemble drawings and photo's and gather all my cultural in take from high and low culture. I take a long look at east London and gather material from the arches to form an interacting composition. I improvise musicially with others to form an unspoken language which transcends into a relationship based soley on intuition.


London, materials, South Africa, British colonialism, right stance political parties and immigration merge into the consumerist art piece which is the shop window display. The installation of the everyday which prompts and sways aesthetic opinion and helps push forward new ideas and trends, it is a device of pure persuasion and appropriator of cultures and histories. I wish to play with this device so as to talk about things very close to me and use it as a platform to share and communicate.


  • MA Degree


    School of Humanities


    MA Painting, 2017

  • "PUNK IS: a belief that this world is what we make of it, truth comes from our understanding of the way things are, not from the blind adherence to prescriptions about the way things should be."

    The topography of London, Heritage, identity and materiality are the institutions that I’m interested in looking at within my work. I position myself into a socio-political awareness within these systems in order to create conversations that defect against their history's. I don't believe in the hierarchical approach of materials (or I insist on ignoring them). I work within the context of the found, each inquiry is a phase of a larger conceptual idea.

    Im influenced by the ideology of 1970's punk and mix this approach into my own work. My work encompasses Sculpture, Performance, Sound, Photography and drawing which are all reconfirmed by new and olds works. The pieces are in fact in flux and subject to change.

  • Degrees

  • BA Fine Art, Sound Art, Middlesex University, 2013; Foundation, Thames Valley University, 2010
  • Exhibitions

  • Medal, Meddle, Metal, Mettle, RCA Arts Bar, London, 2017
  • Awards

  • Villiers David Travel Award