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Student Showcase Archive

Sungwhoon Cho

MA work

MA work

  • SYTH pen

    SYTH pen, 2015

  • SYTH system

    SYTH system, 2015

  • progress


SYTH is a platform and a pen. which connects real world and digital space. SYTH helps you to organize your thoughts, catches your intention and build it in a digital space smartly. Not just translating your writing and drawing into digital format, SYTH creates your own work space just as you imagine.

The biggest change of paradigm that digital brought to us is way of saving information. Instead of saving information on our brain, we use smart devices and are able to deal with tremendous amount of data which we never imagined before. Knowing where information is more important than the information itself. Naturally, search engine like Google has gotten great popularity.

However recent researches warned us danger of over use of digital devices. They say digital represented by Google make us stupid and distracted. It is called 'Google Effect' or Digital Dementia.

The problem is using our brain but in unbalanced way. When you digital device, it requires quick reaction and decision like Google. And left-prefrontal brain is in charge of this quick decision making. By using digital device, this little part of brain is activated while rest of brain is not. According to neuroplasticity, brain changes its form as we use. If you do not use it, synapse that carries information in our brain gets weaker and disconnect at last. It can result in permanent damage on our brain. So overexposure to digital can make you become distracted and lose patience.

Keeping distance from digital device cannot be the fundamental solution for this. Because the benefit digital gives you are beyond the convenience level. It is hard to find location without Google map, no phone call, and have no idea what to do without smartphone right now.

Rather preventing using digital, I’m proposing different way of using digital.



  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Innovation Design Engineering, 2015

  • multi backgrounded person ; Mechanical engineer, Business manager

    So my design is based on practicality and convergence of multi background.

    When design something, I like to research into deep level and find the needs and opportunities.

  • Degrees

  • Bsc Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, 2007; Mcs Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, 2009
  • Experience

  • B2B Marketing and sales enginer, SAMSUNG Electronics HQ, 2012–13; Mechanical and cycle enginer, SAMSUNG Electronics HQ, 2009–12