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Student Showcase Archive

Robin Kirsten

MPhil work

MPhil work

  • Study for a Museum of Opening Doors

    Study for a Museum of Opening Doors, Robin Kirsten 2013
    Ink on architect plan
    Photographer: Robin Kirsten

  • Twelve suits, some of which are black

    Twelve suits, some of which are black, Robin Kirsten 2018
    Black stickers on book page
    Photographer: Robin Kirsten

  • Work not yet made

    Work not yet made, Robin Kirsten 2019
    Ilford photographic print with inserts
    Photographer: Robin Kirsten

  • New world in 8 moves

    New world in 8 moves, Robin Kirsten 2019
    Inkjet contact sheet, inserts and Letraset
    Photographer: Robin Kirsten

  • Radiation Field 1

    Radiation Field 1, Robin Kirsten 2016
    Black ink on book page
    Photographer: Robin Kirsten

  • Instant research into potential relations (series of 8 images)

    Instant research into potential relations (series of 8 images), Robin Kirsten 2018
    Polaroid photograph
    Photographer: Robin Kirsten

  • Out of my mind (detail)

    Out of my mind (detail), Robin Kirsten 2018
    Wood desk and chair, glass jar, steel tube and ball, wood, rubber ball, glass sphere and polystyrene balls
    Photographer: Robin Kirsten

Museum of Infinite Relations: artists spaces, worlds and models of the universe

Robin Kirsten's current practice-based research focuses on L’Atelier Brancusi – as a case study of a site he considers to be an artist’s space, a world, and a model of the universe. Through utilizing his studio as a testing ground, he produce photographs, sculptures, collage and texts which focus on a range of concepts. The dominant framework is the holographic paradigm, with the essential tenet – of the whole being accessible through the part – driving the logic, processes and formulations for work. His studio is a performative space, or stage, for examining what could be said to be the whole of the situation. He calls this iteration of the studio a Museum of Infinite Relations.



  • MPhil


    School of Arts & Humanities


    Arts & Humanities Research, 2016–

  • The primary setting for my work is the studio, which I use as a testing ground to experiment with objects and their relations to each other. By reworking photographs taken of myself, and/or objects within the studio, I create images of works and situations that never existed. I also work with found images, and look for ways to extract data form them, and to expand that data to expose what is not seen in the original image. Objects are also collected and placed together into syntactical relations, in order to suggest a narrative.

    The Artist in a Black Suit is a character I created to function as a stand-in that transforms myself into a generic artist and an object among other objects. This move echoes my preference for looking at ideas and narratives that are themselves broad, generic, universal and abstract.

    The circle, sphere, orb, whole, hole, disc etc., is a dominant form in my work and operates as a placeholder, or cypher, to express some of these abstract qualities of the themes I am interested in, such as infinity, worlds, and the concept of the event.

    Underpinning this is my fascination with the way in which making work within the framework of the Holographic Paradigm creates a machine for a way of thinking that always produces new work. This enables me to be able to continue to continue, as an artistic ambition and end in itself.

  • Degrees

  • MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, 2007; BA Fine Art and History of Art, Goldsmiths College, 2005
  • Experience

  • Head of Publications, Norval Foundation, Cape Town, 2018 -19; Press, Publicity and Media Manager, Stevenson, Cape Town, 2015; Editorial Assistant, White Cube, London, 2011 - 13
  • Exhibitions

  • Daybreak, Safehouse 1& 2, 137 –139 Copeland Road, London, 2017; Give Me Your Energy, LOCAL Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile, 2014, (solo); Creekside Open, London, UK, 2013; Robo con Fractura, Local Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile, 2013; John Moores Painting Prize, Liverpool, UK, 2012; Glue Gun,Vitrine Gallery, Hospital, London, 2011; Tag: From 3 to 45. New London Painting, Brown Gallery, London, 2010; il alla a’ lai de l’ail, Crimes Town, London, 2010; The Milkplus Bar, Josh Lilley, London, 2010; The Prada Cycle, Gallery Klerkx, Milan, 2009, (solo); 3 Painters, Gallery Klerkx, Milan, 2009; About, AutoItalia, London, 2008; Fire Red Gas Blue Ghost Green, Sassoon Gallery, London, 2008; Twilight of the Idols, Zinger Presents, Amsterdam, 2008, (solo); Big Rock Candy Mountain, FormContent, London, 2007, (solo); Truck Art @ ART:CONCEPT, Paris, 2007; Republic, L’Est, London, 2007; Rag and Bone,Three Colts Gallery, London, 2006; On Fear and Reason, Haptic @ La Maison Rouge, Paris, 2006, (solo); Shaking Smooth Spaces, Le Generale, Paris, 2006; 4th Hull International Short Film Festival, UK, 2005; Truck Art, Prague Biennale 2, Czech Republic, 2005; Shimrisham International Artist Film Festival, Sweden, 2004; Mälmo Festival, Sweden, 2004; Brick Lane Festival, London, 2004; 2nd Elefest Film Festival, London, 2004; Corsica Studios, NEON/Shortwave Film Showcase, London, 2004; Fuck Your War, Hôtel Bellville, London, 2003; It’s Just Whatever Cause I’m Trying To Be Clever, Hôtel Bellville, London, 2003, (solo); Kingdom, Austellingsraume 13, Hamburg, 2003, (solo); Switchspace Fundraiser, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, 2003
  • Awards

  • Arts Council England/British Council,Artists International Development Fund, 2014; Arts and Humanities Research Council Professional Development Grant, England, 2006; Artists Grant, Southwark Council, London, 2005; Artists Research Grant, Ar ts Council, England, 2004