Rhine Bernardino

MA work

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My degree show installation is a construction of a clinical undertone that provides an atmosphere for people to enter with a heightened awareness of space and invites a sense of introspection of the body, notions and nuisances of self; a space that is open for seeing as well as listening. It is a makeshift laboratory wherein collections of menstrual blood are not associated with disgust but regarded as objects of inspection and conversation. Bodily sounds serve as spatial soundtrack. Materials that are oftentimes disregarded, like toilet paper and hair are skilfully crafted, handled with care, and labouriously given significant time in order for them to achieve another level of value and transformation. It is a space that provides a path for the observer to be connected to the observed.


  • MA Degree


    School of Fine Art


    MA Sculpture, 2017

  • Staying within the ‘self’, along with the body’s framework and context, I actively experiment with myself in order to draw out or possibly activate higher understanding of it, as a physical and biological structure– more internal/inward approach to address sociological, socio-political and cultural issues and concerns related to the body as both a physical entity, a blueprint that carries numerous symbolism, history and associations.

    In line with this research are extensive collaborations with various artists, to help explore notions of self and the other. I believe this pushes an individual in a certain state to investigate different ways of getting closer to oneself whilst understanding the 'other' and society at large. Along with this, I also incorporate the use of materials that exist/taken from the body (i.e hair, blood, bodily fluids), those that are most often disregarded (i.e toilet paper) and ones that are highly charged yet very accessible, like balloons and most recently, coins.

    I’m the founder and one of the curators of _inventory, a collaborative platform that organises exhibitions in alternative and public spaces, showcasing young artists’ works in alternative spaces in the city whilst developing a research-based art practice that aims to engage communities in art through public performances, events and discussions in the rural context.

    My dissertation is about exploring possibilities of contemporary art practice in the rural context and communities, vis-a-vis urban practices.

  • Degrees

  • BA Film and Audio-Visual Communication, University of the Philippines (Diliman), 2013
  • Experience

  • Independent curator, _inventory Platform, 2012-
  • Exhibitions

  • Live Senses / Guest Projects, Yinka Shonibare’s Studio / 2017 / London, UK; Odious Smell of Truth by RAGE Collective with Peter Kennard / Hockney Gallery, RCA / 2017 / London, UK; Open Exchanges / Open House exhibition / RCA Curating Contemporary Art Graduate Project / Delfina Foundation / 2017 / London, UK; Brgy. South Kensington by _inventory Platform / 2017 / London, UK; In Search of our Mothers’ Gardens / Copeland Park’s Side Room / London, UK; Rhythmic Osmosis / Limehouse Townhall and Royal College of Art / 2016 / London, UK; [R]EVOLVE. Performance Art Days / 2016 / Uppsala, Sweden; EXCENTRICITÉS VII Performance Art Festival / 2016 / Besançon, France; Domestic Violins / 2016 / Courtyard Gallery 1, Royal College of Art / London, UK; PerfoArtNet Performance Art Festival / 2016 / Bogota, Colombia; Being – Doing / 2016 / Asylum / London, UK; POW! POW! POW! POW! 2016 ACTION & PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL / 2016 / San Francisco, California, USA; Bideodromo Internacional Experimental Film and Video Festival / 2015/ Bilbao, Spain; I See You See Me / 2015 / Gallery Threshold / New Delhi, India; Synaesthesia / National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) / 2015 / Manila, Philippines; Modern Panic V / 2014 / Apiary Studios / London, UK; Infecting the City Public Arts Festival / 2014 / Cape Town, South Africa; La premiere edition du Festival international du Film de Todoroki / 2014 / Tokyo, Japan; AVIFF – Art Film Festival / 2014 / Cannes, France; India Art Fair [Intervention Performance] / 2014 / New Delhi, India; Kolkata International Performance Art Festival / 2014 / Kolkata, India; 10th Busan International Video Festival / 2013/ Busan, Korea; International Artists Group Show / 2013 / Vargas Gallery / Florida, USA