Paolo Giudici

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MA work

The last school day was over and I could finally go to the seaside with mum and grandma.

After lunch my father gave me my first camera. Every summer promise was contained in that Agfamatic 50. I loaded the film cassette straight away and started taking pictures from the balcony and my bedroom window.

Don’t waste them! –

But nothing else happened that summer of '77. I recently found a lab envelope with the 12 prints and negatives inside: the sunny garden, the empty road and a trip to Venice with my parents one autumn weekend.

(Photographs are made of this)


  • Paolo Giudici
  • PhD


    School of Arts & Humanities


    Critical & Historical Studies, 2010–

  • MA Degree


    School of Fine Art


    MA Photography, 2007

  • Exhibitions

  • Grimaldi/Giudici, Galerie Rossella Junck, Berlin, Germany, 2006; Ideographie, Galerie Hartmann, Neue Fotografie, Munich, Germany, 2005; Scritture, Centro Nazionale di Fotografia, Padova, Italy, 2003