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Olivia Kennedy

MA work


My project is a visual interpretation of mental illness, and looks at the coexistence of the person and the illness, and how the two intertwine. The collection explores the contradictions of something that appears to suffocate and engulf the body, while at the same time protecting and comforting the person. Order often contains disorder. The collection obscurs the body in order to depersonalise, isolating and disconnecting the person from their environment.

Creating an atmosphere of calmness as the person surrenders, transcends and disappears into an embodiment of psychosis.


  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Textiles, 2015


    mixed media

  • I have a multi-disciplinary approach to textiles. I use a combination of processes which intertwine with each other to create ambiguous and unusual fabrics. I am predominantly concept-led in my work, and often produce art pieces for the body. An interest in and obscuring of the form is a theme that reoccurs within my practice, which seeks to explore the integration and co-existence of the body and material as one.  

  • Degrees

  • BA Textile Design, Falmouth University, 2013
  • Experience

  • Embroidery assistant, Matthew Williamson, London, 2013; Embroidery assistant, Rebecca Taylor, New York, 2012; Embroidery assistant, Nicholas Okwell Couture, London, 2012
  • Exhibitions

  • Spinexpo, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai, 2014; Textiles Institute Exhibition, London, 2013