Nneka Okorie

MA work

That Boy is a Hero

'That Boy is a Hero' captures the energy and vibrancy of the transformation from a boy to a man.

Surrounded by evil and faced with a choice, a young boy take his destiny into his own hands and refuses to conform to the darkness.

As the boy transforms, he is driven by all the things that he loves and hopes for the future.


  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Fashion Menswear, 2015

  • I create my world by starting with a story. Whether i pull from personal memories or create a fictional journey based on my ideals, there has to be a central character. I like to design around a young protagonist full of hope and optimism in order to focus my ideas and create emotion.
  • Degrees

  • BA Fashion Design, University of Salford, 2013
  • Experience

  • Design internship, SIR, New York, 2012; Design internship, Topman, London, 2013
  • Exhibitions

  • Imagine Talents, The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, 2015
  • Awards

  • International Finalist, Kopenhagen Fur Imagine Talents, 2015