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Nils Alix-Tabeling

MA work

From MÉLUSINE, introduction sequence.

"You are a leftover. You sit here on the hill, lying on a bed of flint and flies, It seems like you attract them. 
You’ve been here for too long.
 I am going to push you with my foot. I’m going to force you into movement. It will be the start of your journey. 
Don’t be afraid, I am offering you a new life.
 You will roll all the way down, falling. But she will pick you up. Her name is Mélusine, snake fairy. 
She wanders on the coast, moving in between the traces of the human world she left behind.

You will become the conduit of a shared experience. You will be at the centre of this group. 
She will speak to you, she will confide in you. She hasn’t talked to anyone in a long time. 
You will start to piss her off, your blank eye, your empty skull. You’re a zombie. 
She will hurts you, she will try to make you understand what she has seen, try to open your eye.

 You will finish by drowning, abandoning yourself.

 I made you sentient, she should not know that. For her, you are just another object, washed up on the shore. 
Your mouth is plugged, your eyes are closed, you used to be dead, inanimate, you will be again later, but for now.

For a short time, I need you to wake up and watch her for me.

 I want you to listen to everything she will tell you. 
Record her information for me. 
Live in between her hands. 
You are an awakened cadaver, a sleepwalker trapped in between a dream and reality. She is too. 
You are undying, because i can always replace you. The only thing that will die, will be your experience, your memories, 
you will have to forget them.

You will end your life hovering between two waters, carried by the waves, then finally cast ashore, 
beached, surrounded by sea weed. They will decompose, but you will not, your body is synthetic, immortal, 
but your memories will be erased, eroded under her eyes, 

the eyes of Mélusine."


  • MA Degree


    School of Humanities


    MA Print, 2016