Neha Kudchadkar

MA work

Autoethnography Through Objects

Objects and relationships

Objects and time

Objects and expectations

Objects and memories

Objects and fiction

Objects and mythology

Objects and self

I attempt to make objects of intrigue that are activated through physical interaction.

The process is instinctive, corporeal. I am interested in the way my touch translates into form – how and why. I study the exchange of information between my body and the clay. Personal memories, and experiences – the intangible knowledge of the body – determine the outcome. The resultant objects are fictional souvenirs of actual encounters.

I dream of an afterlife for my work. For it to be touched, played with, moved, worn, and held. To be a catalyst for emotions. And a trigger for broader issues of value, autonomy, control and responsibility. Where does the body stop and object begin? How and how much does one control the other?


  • MA Degree


    School of Fine Art


    MA Ceramics & Glass, 2015

  • Degrees

  • MVA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, 2006; BFA, Mumbai University, 2004
  • Awards

  • House of Fraser Prize, Royal College of Art Award, 2015; Tom Bendhem prize, Royal College of Art Award, 2014; Prize, Charles Wallace India Scholarship Award, 2010