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Student Showcase Archive

Naomi Shewa

MA work

MA work

  • The Moment of Passage

    The Moment of Passage, Naomi Shewa 2018
    594 x 420 mm

  • The Moment of Immersion

    The Moment of Immersion, Naomi Shewa 2018
    594 x 420 mm

  • The Opportunity to Retreat

    The Opportunity to Retreat, Naomi Shewa 2018
    594 x 420 mm

  • The Opportunity for Isolate

    The Opportunity for Isolate, Naomi Shewa 2018
    594 x 420 mm

  • A Reason to Wait

    A Reason to Wait, Naomi Shewa 2018
    594 x 420 mm

  • Pilgrimage to Frechas Site Map

    Pilgrimage to Frechas Site Map, Naomi Shewa 2018
    841 x 594 mm

An Ode to Discovery

The topic of this thesis centres on the narrative about the beginnings of Frechas, Portugal. This narrative is based around the events that led to Martim and Gil Vincente’s eventual discovery of Frechas. The thesis uses this narrative in conjunction with research about the spatial qualities of ‘self-discovery’ to compose a pilgrimage based in Frechas. By using readings and practices, the designer aimed to create a network of moments in which architectural topics of isolation, passage and vulnerable landscapes are used to create gentle interventions along these pilgrim paths. Most importantly, understanding that the landscape, which is found, could be used as a tool to further our relation between the world and ‘self’.

By firstly trying to understand the pure essence of different spaces that are definable as spaces for ‘self discovery’ and developing a series of parameters to work to, the designer attempted to design for a programme that isn’t bound by preconceptions of function. These moments will be designed to engage all senses as opposed to the singular sensation of sight.

Based on three moments of the narrative, the designer then went on to design three distinguishable areas; a quarry, a disused station house (medicine man’s station) and the remains of a carpenter’s lodge in the forest; each location providing different architectural characteristics associated with ‘self discovery’. The marble quarry that is offset from the path, introduces elements such as denseness of materiality and a passage through what would be voids in this continuous landscape, urging senses of touch to be utilised during moments that would take one through the grandeur of a marble quarry. The medicine’s man station, which is completely withdrawn from the path, looks at concepts of isolation and healing; taking inspiration from a prison cell (Statesville- the last prison to adopt Bentham’s panopticon architectural style). The station whose exterior walls house a sanctuary like bathing garden acts like a reclusive moment in the landscape full of olive farms. Juxtaposing elements of rigidity against organic rudiments the station eventually gives one a secluded moment for recovery.  The remains of the carpenter’s lodge situated on the path offers a moment of what could be described as decay. Built upon the grid of the deteriorating foundation piles, the series of platforms and man-made structures aims to exist like skeletons amongst the vast landscape of a forest, gently placed within the new growth of trees. The structures fundamental intention was to continue to let the forest grow amidst it, emphasising the continuous process of aging in such condition.

The connecting motif in all locations remains the subtle relationships between interiority and exteriority; each location provides this instance when one is never really disassociated from the outside or inside, creating an awareness of this ambiguous moment in space that occurs. Ultimately the project wanted to explore themes of how story telling could aid the design process and furthermore be used in an exercise to try and define what a space for ‘self-discovery’ consists of.




  • MA Degree


    School of Architecture


    MA Architecture, 2018

  • Degrees

  • BA Architecture, University of Kent, 2015
  • Experience

  • Architectural Assistant, BDP, London, 2015 - Present
  • Exhibitions

  • BHM, poptArt Gallery, 2017
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