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Student Showcase Archive

Mingjing Lin

MPhil work

MPhil work


Inter-fashionality is a collaborative project and solo-exhibition at the RCA, discovering the new parameters of 3D printed textile for fashion. The 3D printed garments are co-created by  Mingjing Lin and Yingjun Li(associate professor from fashion dept of Tsinghua University).

Qipao is a traditional Chinese dress that was originally wide and loose, it covered most of the woman’s body revealing only the head, hands and tips of the toes. The shape of the garment changed in the 1920s when the area around Shanghai became the center of Eastern trade and local tailors continued shaping and making qipao with traditional ironing technique, but altered the traditional shape into something more form fitting. Prof. Li from Tsinghua University has recently completed extensive research into the history of qipao and compiled his finding in his new book, Qipao History from 1920-1940 that crucially explores the historical and social history of the qipao making industry, as well as the pattern cutting and making techniques. 

Mingjing Lin (PhD candidate, Textiles) has reinterpreted the traditional garment with modern 3D printing and parametric modelling. With cultural exchange at the heart of the project, the new garments echo tradition in the way they are both sustainable, as they follow a continuous pattern there is little waste material. Mingling was inspired by the ‘one-piece’ pattern of qipao and inspired by the traditional Chinese ironing technique that helps the flat pattern fitted to the body, and how this ancient method of draping can translate across time and space to create a garment that adapts to any body with the same silhouette and beautiful movement.

The modern garments are printed using SLA+FDM printing technique and modeled using parametric modeling technique. Technical support is provided by Peng Xie (University of South California), technical consultancy by Filippo Nassetti (founder of MHOX), organised by 3W studio, curated by Hexagon Collective. A physical performance by Night Clear 19 and Hexagon collective with dancers Luke Crook and Waddah Sinada will take place at the private view and will create links between tradition and modernity and east and west to highlight similarities and essence, despite cultural differences.



  • MPhil


    School of Design


    Textiles, 2014–2018

  • Mingjing Lin is PhD candidate of the School of Material at the RCA. She has worked with multi-disciplinary projects crossing fashion and textile design, scientific material development and digital fabrication. She has been endeavouring to spread the knowledge of 3D-printed Fashion and smart-textile through workshop and conference.

    The current practice-led research is fundamentally discovering the new parameters  of 3D printed textile for fashion design. By adapting 3D printing and advanced parametric-modelling tools, designing customised and ornamental 3D-textile has formed the main practices. These practices would contribute to reveal the potentials of interdisciplinary designs and question how would digitalization challenge the new concept of fashion and textile.

  • Degrees

  • MA Fashion Design and Technology, London College of Fashion, 2014; BA Fashion and Textile Design, Tsinghua University, China, 2012
  • Experience

  • Fashion Design Assistant (Jacket, Blazer & Party Wear), H&M head office, Stockholm, 2015; Co-founder of 3W studio; Co-founder of A-boundary interdisciplinary platform
  • Exhibitions

  • Inter-fashionality, solo exhibition of 3D printed Qipao, RCA, London, 2016; Digital Fashion - 3D Printing for Designers(Organiser), RCA, London, 2016; ELSEWHERE Joint Exhibition (Curator and exhibitor), RCA, London, 2015; WIP show (Curator and exhibitor), The Entrance Gallery, RCA, London, 2015; Collaborated project: "The Exudater", RCA Graduation Exhibition, London, 2015; Emerging Graduation Showcase, London Fashion Week, London, 2014; The Tao of Sustainability - An International Conference and Exhibition on Sustainable Design, Beijing, 2014
  • Awards

  • IFF International Perfume competition(Shortlist), UK, 2015; Excellent Fur and Leather Design Awards, Sponsored by Copenhagen fur Co., Ltd. , China, 2014; Fashion Scholarship, by SHI ZHI SHANG Advertising Co, Ltd., China, 2012; Down Jacket Design competition-Session Two(Finalist), China, 2012; Tsinghua alumni - NOK Metron Scholarship, China, 2010; The third price of " Young Artist Awards” in Tsinghua University, China, 2010; The third price of “ Photography Awards” by Fujifilm among Beijing Universities, China, 2010; The third price of “Excellent Writing” by China Central Television (CCTV), China, 2010