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Mathilde Krab Nymann

MA work

Moments of Brokenness

The graduate collection is based on a desire for illuminating the importance of being present in life – as I believe present is where our life unfolds. 

Though we still tend to let the present slip away and we forget to pay attention to what might be important moments in our every day life if they do not occur right in front of our eyes.

Thus, my work and process is an investigation of all the nuances that even the simplest moment consists of and how our perception of the world changes when we slow down the speed of time.

What has become the foundation for my graduate collection is the moment of breaking a coffee mug. A moment that initially seems so destructive when the mug breaks and spreads into several pieces on the floor with a loud ear tearing sound.  

Observing recordings of the mug breaking in different time speeds the destructiveness almost became a calming vision and the loud sound of breaking porcelain transformed into sound of bells or echoes of porcelain pieces hitting the floor. 

In slow motion the break action revealed amazing movements of porcelain pieces where even the tiniest little piece became visible and important to the whole image and experience.  

The construction of the collection is developed from a sample that showed the idea of a starting break line or a ‘carving’, that allowed me to open up the silhouette and create movement in the garments. Together it shows the transformation and the nuances of breaking menswear.


  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Fashion Menswear, 2017

  • Throughout my study, my work has been deeply influenced by philosophy and personal thoughts. Thoughts that have made me reconsider prior assumptions or caused me to revaluate and reflect - Words that have provoked my imagination and even forced me to see things from a different perspective.

    'Here, on the edge of what we know, in contact with the ocean of the unknown, shines the mystery and beauty of the world. And it's breathtaking.'

    Carlo Rovelli from Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

    This quote has provided the motivating words for my studies and investigations throughout this year at the RCA. It contains the idea that we are always balancing between the known and the unknown – and that the boundary in between keeps moving throughout our life as we continue to learn.

     What has become the uniqueness of my work and way of thinking is that it does not suggest something completely new. Instead it examines the fact that there are so many things we know that we have not seen from the right perspective yet.

    With my work I wish to ask people to take up a different viewpoint - to reconsider a prior assumption or judgement about what is important and what is not. I believe, that when we choose to take the time, when we choose to be present and conscious we can perceive  things differently and our image of the world will change.

  • Degrees

  • BA (Hons) Fashion, Design & Conservation, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, 2014
  • Exhibitions

  • ‘Sustainable Fashion Exhibiton’ The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, KADK, Copenhagen [2013-2014]; ‘NØW’ at Salone del Mobile/Milan Furniture Fair 2015 Ventura Lambrate, Milano [14-19 April 2015]; ‘The Future is NØW’ TENT, London [24-27 September 2015]