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Student Showcase Archive

Lydia Sze Ki Fung

MA work

MA work

  • Nebulous 01

    Nebulous 01, Lydia Fung Sze Ki 2017
    Double Exposure Photograph
    210mm × 297mm | Photographer: Lydia Fung Sze Ki

  • Nebulous 02

    Nebulous 02, Lydia Fung Sze Ki 2017
    Double Exposure Photograph
    297 m x 420 mm | Photographer: Lydia Fung Sze Ki

  • Nebulous 03

    Nebulous 03, Lydia Fung Sze Ki 2017
    Double Exposure Photograph
    210mm × 297mm | Photographer: Lydia Fung Sze Ki

  • Nebulous  04

    Nebulous 04, Lydia Fung Sze Ki 2017
    Double Exposure Photograph
    210mm × 297mm | Photographer: Lydia Fung Sze Ki

Nebulous Erotica

The images I created aim to express the freedom of endlessness, formless erotica. There are no ends and beginnings of bodies in my images, every interaction, every object, subject is formless.
There is no need to concretie everyone and everything, there is no need for forms in my world, in my perception. What lies beneath, between, is the energy, the naked essence itself is all that matters. 

I am formless and everywhere. I am in everything. I am in everything and beyond. I fill all space. All that you see, taken together, is Myself. 

- Sai BaBa

Hence, I gave my collection the name - Nebulous Erotica
It is amorphous, it is raw, it is not fixed, it is freed. How bodies interact intimately with each other is purely based on essence, based on a formless bond, based on the tension in between.

In that every object or quality in reality has a form: dogs, human beings, mountains, colours, courage, love, and goodness.
form answers the question "What is that?" 

- Plato, Theory of Forms

The erotica, the essence and tension however is not only formed between two parties. In my scenario, my world, it is formed between the subject, the object and the viewer. The role is unfixed, is nebulous, is all you.



  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Fashion Womenswear, 2018

  • I have always been inspired by the realness and physicality of human connection derived from my experience. Digital relationships become a huge part of my life, and it is intriguing for me to portray as a receiver (subject) and the performer (object) as well. Hence, I started to further investigate the sensitivity on the connection, on the energy, the emotion between the subject and the object. The tension between them is erotic and emotional, it allows you to be attached and detached at the same time because it is not practically real. Thus began my journey of becoming the third party in the same situation, and try to concretise the energy, the emotion. I was aiming to frame the ambiguity of what lies beneath this kind of connection. I started investigating photography, visuals and perceptions, and after numerous experiments, this has led to the outcome of my digital print as well as the core of my final collection

  • Degrees

  • BA(Hons) Fashion Textile - Print, London College of Fashion, 2015; Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Central Saint Martins, 2011
  • Experience

  • Assistant Fashion Designer, Susanna Soo, Hong Kong, 6 months; Fashion Designer,, Hong Kong, 1 year; Internship Placement, Christopher Kane, London, 3 months; Summer Internship, Gagosian Gallery, Hong Kong, 3 months
  • Exhibitions

  • London College of Fashion, London, 2015; LCF BA15 Press Show Showroom, London, 2015
  • Awards

  • Cushing Academy Annual Art Prize, 2010; Cushing Academy Finest Contribution Award, 2010