Kevin Biderman

PhD Work

Visual Surveillance in the City of London (1993-present day)

My research examines the changing formations of visual surveillance practice within the pivotal field-site of the City of London. The current state of visual surveillance is vastly different from the one more than two decades ago which cemented the Square Mile as a centre of high tech police observation. A growing number of networked visual collection devices have started to make their way in the City over the last 25 years. These have gone from CCTV to police body worn cameras, from mobile smart phone to drones. As these surveillance devices have changed form, relied on different modes of recording, connecting and distributing their data, so has our relation to them changed. I investigate how present visual surveillance technology and practices now encompass a wide range of stakeholders in a decentralised model which often strengthens the reproduction of capital, supporting oppressive social relations and ideology. Through unpicking these different assemblages of human and material interaction, I explore the relationship between forensics, revolt, consciousness and capital reproduction.


  • PhD


    School of Arts & Humanities


    Critical & Historical Studies, 2014–

  • Kevin Biderman is a researcher, lecturer and experimental film-maker. Currently, he is undertaking a TECHNE funded PhD at the RCA where he tutors in Critical and Historical Studies. His doctoral research examines visual surveillance practice within the City of London from the Ring of Steel to the present day. He has previously produced work for Editions Autrement, Le Monde Interactive, OpenDemocracy and the Journal of Visual Culture among others. Most recently he produced an animated video reflection on the 'Recording Resistance Symposium' for