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Keren Hu

MA work

Home Appliance Vison

My final projects reimagine everyday home appliances by presenting a future vision and aesthetic for this product sector.

From cookware to kettles, I have redesigned such everyday objects are elevated by designs that respond directly to the needs of a lifestyle that is now markedly different. Catering to a user that is more complex and to service a domestic landscape that has evolved dramatically since home appliances were first conceived over a hundred years ago. 

The types of appliances we need are intrinsically linked to the way we live and as the urban landscape meets technological progress there is great opportunity to innovate intuitively and more relevantly in this sector. 

By reconfiguring the definition of what makes a home I am in pursuit of developing home appliances that meet the functional and aesthetic demands of any new product in retail today. To propel home appliances into a new realm of sophistication and diversify to the market. 

Project 1  Teawith - Electric kettle

An electric kettle for a new location

The mainstream electric kettle was originally designed for the kitchenware market. Large in volume, slow to boil, noisy, bulky. And this electric kettle now also sits in living rooms and office environments (especially in Asia) for making tea and coffee. But the traditional kitchenware aesthetic and experience of such electric kettles does not fit these new territories. 


A small electric kettle for living room use.

  1. Smaller volume (550ml capacity for two people enjoy coffee or tea at a time), which makes the kettle faster boiling and space efficiency.
  2. Elegant user experience - better control on water flow, turn on the kettle by press the handle.
  3. More considered and refined shape by bringing traditional oriental elements into design.
  4. Designed for mass production by using mature technologies.

Project 2  Feast - Portable Cooker

A home cooking system concept for small space urban living

Small space living is on the rise and in response to this socio economic trend I have reimagined the future of cooking appliances. Already now the portable cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and hot plate has become a mainstream household appliance for small rental spaces. However, they fail to deliver quality in performance and design compared to the kitchen stove which can range from a traditional AGA that enhances flavour to high tech induction cookers that are unparalleled in performance against the portable options. My project raises the question; what if the portable cooker became the primary cooking appliance for small households?

In pursuit of addressing this question through my design, I am also able to present a better portable cooker for any living environment that reaches out to a wider user beyond the key user identified at the start of my project.


A portable cooker combing induction heat source and cast iron cookware, enabling users to enjoy a user friendly and high quality cooking experience in small living space.

  1. Cast iron cookware that harnesses the power of a stand-alone induction heat source. 
  2. For various locations and cooking styles, from traditional cooking methods at the kitchen countertop to one pot cooking at the dinning table.
  3. An app that syncs with this cooker will enable quick meal planning, heat regulation and also receive internet cooking resources.


  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Design Products, 2016