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Student Showcase Archive

Katarina Hruskova

MA work

MA work

  • 'My Back Is All Around Me' (studio test)

    'My Back Is All Around Me' (studio test), Katarína Hrušková 2014

  • 'Armour'

    'Armour', Katarína Hrušková 2014

  • 'She Approached'

    'She Approached', Katarína Hrušková 2014

My Back Is All Around Me

audio installation / environment (domestic vinyl flooring, potato)

Can you imagine yourself in the skin of a potato? Your skin a potato's skin. Dry, inflexible, only there to store the juice inside of you. You don't move. It is not necessary that you move. You're there to store the juice.

The thoughts of that which spends its days underground, nearly motionless, an inflating tuber, gathering moisture, skin hardening. Is there enough there, in the world devoid of eyes that see, to create an image? There is poetry in the potato once it is given language. Its perpetual back which leans against the small, safe cave; the soft, black lair. Its eyes that are not made to look, but sprout. The sugar that turns to starch within its cells, the same cells that turn starch back into sugar if need be. 

I wanted to achieve a feeling of closeness to this object, look at what it is and what it does before it gets chewed up and swallowed. My writing is partly based on research into its biological attributes and partly on imagining myself into the potato - taking the domestication/ cultivation a step further. It is a mixture of fact and anthropomorphism (fiction). 

The floor has movement, the walls are left blank.

You are at home.



  • Katarína
  • MA Degree


    School of Humanities


    MA Photography, 2014

  • My practice intertwines the realms of image and language. The relationship of the words and things that are seen aims to activate the mind of the viewer; it does this through utilising symbols, tones and types of visual as well as written and spoken language. In this space things can be felt, questioned and evaluated. My work ranges from 'one liners', through narratives to poetry, often combining research and fiction, and is driven by looking inward and examining the way my beliefs, values and fears are born. In the process I point out the importance of the 'mundane' and the overlooked. By ‘mundane’ I mean the things that are around us, matter that we touch and that touches us, substances that we breathe in and out, things that we put into our mouths and stomachs daily and yet do not seem to pay much attention to or have much knowledge about. I talk of soil, of hair, of meat and potatoes. I talk of the latently abject, of disregarded beauty and of the danger of losing touch with nature.

  • Degrees

  • BFA Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Exhibitions

  • Der Schein, Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover, Germany group exhibition, 2013; Rural, Red Gallery, London, UK group exhibition, 2013; Bread Crumbs in Bed, HIT Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia solo exhibition, 2013; Ja Natuurlijk, GEM, Den Haag, The Netherlands group exhibition, 2013; Unfolding, Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands group exhibition, 2012
  • Awards

  • Runner Up, European Schools Photography Award 2013
  • Publications

  • Science & Fiction, Black Dog Publishing, 2014; Green Marble artist book/artist album, Banska St a Nica Contemporary, 2012; Virgin Hair, artist book in collaboration with Esteban Berrios, self published 2010; It will grow on you: A short novel, self published 2010;