Juliette Poggi

MA work

Selfie Cage

The feminine body is depicted on social media through ‘selfies’.

These often show an unnatural body: stuck in a pose that will enhance a specific feature, frozen in time on the internet. In those poses hands play a key role: pushing, covering and squeezing. 

In my project the visitor is invited to hold a pose dictated by the sculpture: uncomfortable but necessary to achieve and share the perfect selfie.


  • MA Degree


    School of Communication


    MA Information Experience Design, 2017

  • I research emotions in small but meaningful things. 
    Behind every project I realise there is always deep research and a strong concept. 
    The focus of my personal research is on the power and anxieties related to the female body.

    On my spare time I play with shapes and colours. 

  • Degrees

  • BA Visual Communication, Politecnico di Milano, 2013
  • Conferences

  • Selling the Selfie, UCA Epsom