Jules Findley

MPhil work


  • Jules Findley
  • MPhil


    School of Design


    Textiles, 2012–

  • Jules Findley’s practice emerges through looking at bereavement and the emotions that contribute to this life changing event. The studies in bereavement have led to questioning in-depth areas of contemporary funeral rites, as well as sensitively exploring child death and how mothers carry the grief of their loved one forward and return to life.

    Continuing her research, ideas from the wider context of domesticity are conceptually formed through questions and answers that involve research quantitatively or in reaction to qualitative research. Addressing sensitive issues and not necessarily being satisfied with the outcomes that are presented through literature, politics or media. Funereal garments are also apart of this enquiry, and am looking at the possibilities of looking at preparation for death using bespoke methods in practice.

    Through collaboration with other artists such as Alice Kettle, and individual initiatives, new work emerges for exhibition, public interaction and examining sensitive issues to be discussed.

    Work is generated through mixed methods methodologies using a critical framework that can be cross-disciplined, and cross-cultural. The work is usually but not exclusively generated using a fashion and textiles grounding, which could mean drawing, collage, stitch or film to create outcomes.
    Through questioning and exploring implicit possibilities so that the work  offers opportunity for discussion with the public and interacting through information or reaction. The aim is to draw the public’s attention and generate wider awareness to  these taboo issues.