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Student Showcase Archive

Jintaeg Jang

MA work

MA work

  • Black Box Formula

    Black Box Formula, 2015
    Photographer: Jintaeg Jang

  • Subjective Matters

    Subjective Matters, Jintaeg Jang and Ted Hyunhak Yoon 2015

  • Decoding The Statues of Dictators

    Decoding The Statues of Dictators, Jintaeg Jang and Ted Hyunhak Yoon 2015

  • Pleasure & Balance

    Pleasure & Balance, Jintaeg Jang and Jeongbin Seo 2014


    DELVE, 2014
    Photographer: Jintaeg Jang

Black Box Formula

Curated by Jintaeg Jang, Georgia Muenster and Joni Zhu

Artists: YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Zach Blas, Harry Sanderson, Hyungkoo Lee and Lawrence Lek

Black Box Formula ( is an exhibition of new artworks reflecting on the ‘unknown’ set within an immersive gallery environment. A theoretical Black Box is understood in terms of its input and output, while its contents and mechanisms remain mysterious. Taking the theory as a curatorial method, viewers are informed here by a stimulus: an animation produced by Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries. Prompted by the ‘input’, the audience will then enter the metaphorical Black Box, where artists – Zach Blas, Hyungkoo Lee, Lawrence Lek and Harry Sanderson – expand on various forms of the theory with new works. The viewer’s perceptions then make up the ‘output’.

The Black Box Formula suggests a movement beyond the human and human systems, as we know them, meanwhile unravelling aspects of the construction of artistic identity and processes.



  • MA Degree


    School of Humanities


    MA Curating Contemporary Art, 2015

  • My interests lie in exploring the new position of curator, rather than playing a conventional role of curator in making exhibitions, considering the complexity of curating itself, and inventing conceptual and physical methodology for a curator. For this, I have been attempted to newly define what the role of curator is, between the reality and ideal, by transforming the curatorial outcome to become various mediums, including the forms of research, publication, and exhibition, realising the desire of a curator as an art practitioner, through collaboration with individuals and organisations in different environments as an independent curator.

    While at the RCA, I curated the exhibition DELVE (, which looks at how the research process is enacted through making, through social interaction and through observation, at the Acme Project Space, London, 2014, and the graduation show Black Box Formula (, which was an exhibition of new artworks reflecting on the ‘unknown’ set within an immersive gallery environment at the Royal College of Art, London, 2015.

    As an activity across, inside and outside of the College, I run the project group Subjective Matters with a graphic designer, Ted Hyunhak Yoon, who is a student of Visual Communication in RCA, as well as a graphic designer, to create a proper collaborative format between design and curating, building on my previous experiment of utilising the publication, INDIVISUAL, as a curator. Additionally, as an independent curator, I organised a conceptual project with the artist Jeongbin Seo, making the exhibition, Pleasure & Balance, Chelsea College of Art, 2014.

  • Degrees

  • BA Art Studies & Korean Language and Literature, Hongik University, Korea
  • Experience

  • Founder, curator and art writer, Subjective Matters, 2015; Founder and writer, Text x Image Archiving, 2013; Founder, curator and art writer, INDIVISUAL, 2010–12; Assistant to curator, Dukwon Gallery, 2006
  • Exhibitions

  • Offprint London: Subjective Matters, Tate Modern, London, 2015; Black Box Formula with artists: YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Zach Blas, Harry Sanderson, Hyungkoo Lee and Lawrence Lek, Royal College of Art, London, 2015; Pleasure & Balance, Chelsea College of Art, London, 2014; DELVE, Acme Project Space, London, 2014; The exhibition of Geunyoung Yun, Trunk Gallery, Seoul, 2012; The Exhibition on SEXual Desire, Hongik University, Seoul, 2010
  • Publications

  • 'The Sociopolitical Significance of the Art of Bronze Statues', Subjective Matters, 3, 2015; 'Realistic Alternatives in the Complexity of Curating: Balance in Art', Subjective Matters, 2, 2015; 'Pleasure & Balance', Subjective Matters, 1, 2015; 'Next Generation, Alternative Movement', Spectrum Magazine, 15, 2014; 'The Sound Composition of Exhibition', Sub-Stuff, 1, 2013; 'Avant–garde: the Art, Breaking Through the Period of Chaos', Esquire Korea Magazine, 2012; Geunyeong Yun, 'Thinking Through Body', 2012; 'The Reason Why We Should Be an Eloquent Speaker', INDIVISUAL, 3, 2012; Junho Son, 'The Imagine', INDIVISUAL, 2, 2011; 'Banksy, the Art Terrorist', INDIVISUAL, 1, 2011; 'On Chromatics and Film Theory', INDIVISUAL, 1, 2011; Saerom Park, 'The Beauty Healing Up the Psychological Wound', The Exhibition on SEXual Desire, 2010