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Jakub Pollág

MA work

Personal Tattoo Machine

Personal Tattoo Machine materialises your thoughts directly onto your skin without the need of a professional tattooist. The basis of this idea is that tattoos are not about aesthetics, but instead their main function is to reflect meaningful memories. Because of their permanent nature, it is important that they are honest and exclusive. It is about being able to mark a significant event or period of time into your body so it will always be with you, representing who you are and what made you who you are. Tattoos serve as a form of self-expression, because the implicit and explicit meanings of tattoos becomes part of an individual.

I am creating a simple, affordable mechanism that is going to use standard off-shelf products like sterile needles and tubes. My primary goal is to give the user a quality tool that is safe and comfortable to use. The packaging contains all the parts necessary to create your image straight away. It is a short simple process to set up the machine and sterilise the surrounding environment; everything else is up to you.


  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Design Products, 2015



  • God is not in the detail anymore... 

    God (or lets call him: Good design) is composed of the Holy Trinity of Design.


    Our future creations have to deliver more. More than promised, more than expected, more than any other product in the range. I am not talking about multi-functional objects here. I am talking about products that have a right to be made. Objects that have value on their own terms. Objects that are more beautiful, better functioning, produced in better way and more emotionally involved in your life. Lets create object that we no longer want to throw away, quality objects that we would love and keep for lifetime.


    We no longer need overcomplicated products that are covering up and hiding things from us like a camouflage. We need responsible and intelligent objects, like the writing of Hemingway, that would lose their function and meaning if you remove even one tiny part of them. If we approach our creation in this way, we no longer suffer from intricate things that are confusing and pretentious. We need to enrich our mind and body with quality creation that is there not to deplete and tire us but give us joy.


    If the chair you have used for years can still make you smile from time to time, or if you like it so much you don't even want to sit in any other chair, design has achieved what should be achieved. You enjoy products and designers should enjoy their creation. Products should be made with care, ease of mind and quality in mind and you should be able to recognise this true value in them.

  • Degrees

  • BA Architecture and Design, Academy of Fine Arts Prague, 2013; Faculty of Architecture, Slovak Technical University, 2010