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Isobel Wohl

PhD Work

Image: Reading

In this project, I take as guide the question when and how is an image of something? I offer multiple mutually contingent possibilities for reading of and in images, opening reading to visuality and articulating shapes for this opening. In order to both describe and demonstrate such a reading process, this work draws from methods of detection in noir cinema, theories of figuration, explorations of grammar and its rupture, philosophies of the signature, hypochondria, and more. 

The project manifests as essay, fiction, painting, photogram, and assemblage, among other media. It also creates indeterminacies refusing to rest in any given category.

MA work


  • PhD


    School of Arts & Humanities


    Arts & Humanities Research, 2014–2018

  • MA Degree


    School of Fine Art


    MA Painting, 2014

  • Isobel Wohl is a visual artist and writer. In her work, painting and text are places for the collection and loss of objects and of possibilities for their recognition. 

  • Degrees

  • BFA Studio Art, New York University, 2011; MA Painting, Royal College of Art, 2014
  • Exhibitions

  • A detailed CV is available at