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Felicie Eymard

MA work



Explore Metamorphosis with wearable objects that evolve and adapt to the way we live and to our changing environments

'Metamorphosis' is a womenswear capsule collection of five outfits designed for an urban nomadic context as a means of improving the relationship between the user and clothing.

We wear garments to protect ourselves from the world we live in but how suited are these clothes to the changing environments we inhabit?

The Metamorphosis collection has been designed with the approach of a product designer, whilst employing the idea of functional embellishment. This means that every detail performs a role and various parts of the clothes emerge and vanish to transform and reveal hidden layers.
This capsule collection suggests a new system that focuses on the user’s experience by making garments that ‘listen’ to their needs whilst allowing the user to respond to them. Just as an animal’s skin might adapt to its environment, these garments aim to harmonize the users’s wellbeing within the world around them. 

Metamorphosis proposes a new way of creating a story around wearable objects by identifying and solving real problems. With the belief that cities are accumulating more and more people, where space is a luxury, where nomadism is becoming the norm and where the climate is continuously changing, the garments we wear need to adapt better to these mutations.Metamorphosis establishes a principle and demonstrates this around questions of acclimatization, freedom and comfort so that each of these garments exists as a family. Metamorphosis tends to influence new behaviors and new interactions. So that every item of clothing provides a transformative experience for the user. A minimal experience that is yet more fulfilling.

Impromptu climate disruptions. Unpredictable environmental changes. And ourselves, proteans that feel our way along in a constantly moving urbanity. In this changing world, where worldliness mingles with a teasing thermometer and deliberate nomadism, an alternative, a refuge, a response was missing. 

Metamorphosis is a collection of variable geometry clothing. A compilation of scalable physical objects that permeates predictable changes of time, place, context and adapts to preserve harmony between the individual and his environment. So that rain, drizzle, breeze, wind, sun, snow, hail, heat, numbness, cold, indoors, outdoors, day and night ... and you, may become one.

Created and Designed by Félicie Eymard.
Consulted by Oksana Anilionyte and Dan He (pattern cutting, sewing, making).

Little Firefly

A folding lantern that brings magic into a night walk

Little Firefly is a lantern intended to be used during the long winter nights in scandinavian countries to improve the quality of a night walk and create a better interaction between the user and its unwelcoming and dark surroundings.`

Night time is something that is still seen as frightening. Just like wearing clothes to protect ourselves from the world we live in, we need light to allow us to keep on living when the sun goes down. Especially when that happens in the middle of the day. 

In scandinavian countries, winters are very long and the sun is absent most of the time. Having light around us is a need that has been resolved with objects such as street light but in a rural environment, when you leave the sidewalk the only option is a torch light. Walking at night has the potential to be an enchanting moment where we get a chance to be alone with nature, within a specific environment. But how can this harmony exist with such a purely functional object? How can we enhance this moment of authentic and rare tranquility between the man and its environment?

Little Firefly becomes a little companion that you can fold and bring with you during these night walks.  It provides a sense of security and confidence and bring poetry and contemplation to make this moment magical. This lantern offers an opportunity for meditation, reverie and for embracing walking at night as a unique experience. It can be held or worn and proposes a better quality of light to inspire daydream that a torch light would not provide.

It guides you to suit your desires to know other worlds
It is with you through your wish for insularity
It comforts you when you fear the isolation of the night
It is a discreet presence when the opacity of the dark invades you
Radiant companion that unfolds its soothing fan
It’s your little firefly.

Created and Designed by Félicie Eymard
Consulted by Valentine Huyghues Despointes (Leather making)


  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Design Products, 2016

  • I strongly believe in serendipity. By trying, failing and trying again I always end up in a serendipitous moment when everything untangles. Serendipity leads to amazing places where realism and fiction become one.
    I do not work, I play. It is not an easy game but it is always a great journey. I don't always know what the end product will be, the process will determine it.
    Design is an extraordinary tool to improve people’s quality of life whether they are aware of it or not. A narrative can be told to anyone who is listening.
    I am trying to bring an individual experience into an industrial process.
    Design has this unique power to make you smile, make you feel safe, question your habits, wonder why things are the way they are, make your life easier but stronger in terms of experience.
    We are surrounded by noise; I seek to bring back the silence and deep sensations that seem frightening and intimidating but that need to resurface.
    Taking time to listen. This is what it’s about.
    By being silent, objects let us breathe. They are invisible when we do not use them but suddenly light up and have a strong soul and presence when we interact with them.
    They do not say anything, and if they do, they are only whispering. Objects do not need to scream to be heard; they should sync with the personal self and let the user project his thoughts and aspirations onto them.

  • Degrees

  • BA (Hons) Industrial Design, ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels., 2014
  • Exhibitions

  • Mixology Student Designer of the Year 2015, BDP, Clerkenwell Design Week, London, 2015; National, Brussels, 2015; Talente InternationalCcompetition, Munich, 2015; Design Corner, MUDAM Museum of Modern Art, Luxembourg, 2015; The Belgian House, IMM, Cologne, 2015; Mad Surprize Design Awards, Brussels, 2014; International Design Biennale, Belgium, 2014; Backstage, Brussels, 2014; Tweex 1, Vander A Gallery, Brussels, 2013
  • Awards

  • Mad Surprize Young Belgian Design Award, Brussels, 2014