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Eleanor Greenleaf

MA work

Alternate Visual Realities

A physical exploration and extended research project into how visual impairment and eye conditions impact and change the way we see. More specifically, what these alternate perspectives look like when isolated.

The outcome takes the form of three pieces that together represent how certain individuals view the world. The first is an audio piece, which informs two installations, one that focuses on the condition Astigmatism and the other that looks at the more abstract phenomena called visual snow.


“Alternate Views” - Audio Piece 

A narrative obtained from interviews, focusing on the subjective descriptions and translation of abstract imagery seen with varying visual impairments and eye conditions.

The piece is left purposefully uninterrupted by narration, and is of a journalistic nature, to highlight the striking, visual imagery being described and the organic way individuals struggled in relaying their unique, observable experiences.

On show, the piece is looped through an overhead directional dome speaker, isolating the sound to an area yet without restriction from headphones, and on passing, applies an introductory monologue which informs two physical installations.

“Astigmatism” - Installation 1

Astigmatism is a type of refractive error in which the eye does not focus light evenly on the retina and results in distorted or blurred vision at all distances, to varying degree.

This piece takes the form of a lens of high magnification set within a bespoke, pivoting metal frame. It appears scientific, of both astronomical and medical function, giving the simulation / installation an authority and presents the condition in a manner that is factual and easy to understand.

A grid is displayed on a light box mounted on the wall behind the lens which corresponds the charts of an opticians sight test. When viewed through the lens at varying orientations by manipulating the position of the surrounding, adjustable rings, the grid visually distorts, demonstrating different astigmatic strengths and angles. 

"Visual Noise” - Installation 2

Visual snow or noise is a transitory or persisting disorder in which sufferers see television-like static across their visual fields, constantly, and in all light conditions, though most noticeable on plain surfaces, white walls and with closed eyes.

This piece aims to display a sample of the isolated condition, by creating an enclosed case of Visual Snow, relating technological, digital effect / 'vfx' to biological anomalies in perception and human optical experience.

In the space between the binocular viewing holes and a screen that takes up the entirety of the back wall of the box, particles in the form of beads, are suspended on invisible threads. The moving image content displayed within the box screens digitally created television static and glitch, datamoshed footage, physically manipulated super 8mm film and video taken through a hacked vhs machine. By combining the digital, analogue and physical the viewer experiences the depth of field and layers apparent within the visual snow condition.


  • MA Degree


    School of Communication


    MA Information Experience Design, 2017

  • Analogue / digital installation and experimental video artist and designer.

    More information + CV available through website.


  • Degrees

  • BA Digital Media Design, London College of Communication, 2015