Dari Bae

MPhil work

Mimicking Authority through Interview Performance

The aim of this research is to investigate how interviews especially in academic research can be used as a form of performance, and how this 'interview-performance' form/method generates material for critique. To investigate these questions, this research employs the idea of mimicry in order to play with concepts of authority, and then to provide a possible mode of critiquing authority.

This research consists of three sections: transcripts of recorded interview-performances; examining interview-performance as a methodology and, finally, critiquing the transcript material.

In the first section of this research, transcripts of recording made during the performance events show unsettled conversation between the interviewer and interviewees. Presenting this 'raw' material before any analysis, instead of in an appendix, challenges generally accepted academic structure: the readers can find their own interpretation first. 

In the second section, the interview-performance as a methodology is discussed. The format and method are explored in relation to historical 'talking performance' works, such as lecture-performance. This section looks at how these methods open up communication with people. Here, the anthropologist Roger Caillois's term 'mimicry' is discussed in order to see how the interviewer plays an authority role and how the method of mimicry can create a subversive effect.

Mimicking authority as an artistic strategy through interview-performance stimulates paradoxical modes of conversation. In the last section, this research examines the content of the transcripts in order to locate paradoxical aspects of the conversation. To explore paradox, various accounts such as Jacques Rancière's are debated. This research aims to find out if these paradoxical aspects can make authority structures transparent.


  • Dari Bae
  • MPhil


    School of Arts & Humanities


    Sculpture, 2013–

  • Dari Bae completed an MA in Fine Art at Ewha Women University in Seoul, South Korea, and Wimbledon College of Art before beginning her MPhil in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited widely in London and Seoul and her works have been shown in galleries including 176 Gallery, London and SeMA Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul. She lives and works in London.