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Daljinder (DJ) Sanghera

MA work


SENSEI is the first platform to connect people who need technical assistance to both human and machine experts, for real-time guidance.

The SENSEI system consists of a headset and a mobile application. The headset allows an expert (human or machine) to see a first person view of the user’s space, indicate directly on objects in the user’s space through a projection system, and speak to the user to help guide them through a task. Additional information such as pictures/video clips can be sent to the user’s smartphone through the app.

Current methods of interpreting information (books, recipes, videos, manuals) remove our focus from the task at hand and require us to retain information whilst attempting to apply it. Connecting users to a fluid stream of information, as they do tasks, allows them to be fully immersed in accomplishing the task at hand, while still receiving all the necessary information.

Human experts (SENSEI’s) can be summoned for tasks which require creative problem solving and collaboration. A SENSEI may be an off-duty plumber, a mechanic, or anyone who feels they have experience with a particular task. Machine experts, or SENSEI-Bots, are summoned for tasks which might be more redundant and standardised, such as putting together an IKEA furniture set.

The development of SENSEI required extensive research into instructional communication modes. It was found that the simple ability to indicate is one of the most primal modes of communicating and interpreting information. 

Sensei has the potential to transform workplace collaboration and further transform the way in which we learn and accomplish tasks. Imagine what you could accomplish if you had access to experts from all around the world at your fingertips!


  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Innovation Design Engineering, 2017

  • My work lives at the intersection between art, science and design.

    Transforming fragments of thought into reality is what I enjoy doing most. I'm passionate about proving propositions, discovering new product categories and informing design through tangible experimentation and speculative, divergent thinking approaches. I’m interested in the relationships and interactions that people have with objects and the art of leveraging design to provoke behavioral and positive large-scale systemic change. 

    When not ideating/building/sketching/tinkering, I can be found hiking up mountains or biking down them!

  • Degrees

  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics Engineering specialization), 2012
  • Experience

  • Design consultant, Environmental efficiency engineer, Project management
  • Awards

  • KI Award 2017