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Cicilia Östholm

MA work

Art for the Non-Human. Place. and Equal Voices In the Room?

Art for the Non-Human. Place.

A landscape study in Svalbard and the Arctic High Seas in 2017 resulted in a series of videos from different specific places. Informed by Karen Barad's theory of agential realism they are shown as a reminder of the ongoing of one place to another place – projecting one place into the next.

By visually enmeshing the ongoing of seemingly disparate environs the documentation of this action seeks to underline the habitual spatial and temporal othering that may be a factor in maintaining anthropocentric hegemony.

In this work, the edge of the glacier Nordenskiöldbreen, Svalbard, at 78°40′N 17°10′E, is projected onto a rock at about 36°58′N 25°03′W on the island of Santa Maria, Azores.

Equal Voices in the Room?

Equal Voices in the Room? is a collaborative and ongoing project that explores the form of discussions used in a pedagogical setting. Primarily taking place through workshops we look at how materials, structure and rules, actions and movement may all be part of discussions and how this may affect the participation of the group in the conversation.

The project sees group work as a microcosm of wider political systems, thus prompting questions about how democracy is enacted through speech and debate. Largely but not just contextualised within pedagogy the project demands a closer more caring look at structures and organisation within daily life and their potential to have political and social effect. 

Equal Voices in the Room? was founded by Alex Parry and Cicilia Östholm. Workshops have been run throughout the year (2017-18) by artists Nazanin Rahimi and Rachel Yalisove. The further collective of artists includes Sadie Edginton, Shamma AlAmri, Sing Hang Tam, Milagros Bedoya, Eleni Papazoglou, Sofya Chibisguleva, and Aurora Gazm.


  • MA Degree


    School of Arts & Humanities


    MA Contemporary Art Practice, 2018



  • Cicilia investigates bias and equality through visual and performing art. In diffractions between economic theory, philosophy, and sociology she seeks possibilities for systemic change, to counteract andro- and anthropocentric hegemonies.  

    Addressing different aspects of the ideology inherent to these systems of othering Cicilia is presenting two projects for the RCA Degree Show 2018. One in collaboration with Alex Parry titled Equal Voices in the Room? and the solo piece Art for the Non-Human. Place. 

    These works are part of an ongoing practice that works through methods for consciousness raising and community building, addressing issues of social justice. Other approaches involve technological intervention for undermining dominance based on binaries in gendered space, and challenging the western canonical culture within academia and systems for dissemination of knowledge. 

  • Degrees

  • BFA in Dance Performance, Stockholm University of the Arts, 2011
  • Exhibitions

  • States of Public, FACT, Liverpool, 2018; Concrete poems soft Bodies, Cité International des Arts, Paris, 2018; Know Your Home, Garden House, London, 2018; CO-teaching, KINO KULTURA, Skopje, 2016; Equal Voices, Dyson Gallery, London, 2018; Equal Voices in the Room? ReachOutRCA, London, 2018; CO-fest / KINO KULTURA, Skopje, 2017; Bapor Tabo(o), Art Licks Weekend, London, 2017; Festival:Display, Weld, Stockholm,
 2013; Arbetslinjen, Studio 44, Stockholm,
 2012; ( ) SPACE WITHIN BRACKETS, Skogen, Gothenburg, 2012; ( ) SPACE WITHIN BRACKETS, Weld, Stockholm, 2012
  • Publications

  • Equal Voices in the Room (with Alex Parry), The Pluralist, Issue 1, 8-9