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Anna Fulmine

MA work

Baubo: a bird, the creep, their slit, its failure.

In 1977 Roland Barthes took the word Neutral for a long walk. Over the course of thirteen weeks, his intentions were not to construct the concept of The Neutral but to name it. To display neutrality: an action that he observed created the antithesis to the word. For, in exemplifying amorphous Neutral, he began to contain the uncontainable, linguistic walls that inconsistently constrict. In questioning The Neutral, he unhinged paradigms of structures that were causing a malaise to boil and bubble. Opting instead for the ‘nonchoice’  for the ‘neither A nor B’, what grammatically could be termed ‘neither masculine nor feminine’, not actively or passively locating himself anywhere, he simply flowed, observing and reflecting.

The following journey — my journey — will attempt to inhabit a space similar to that of Barthes’s transient ambiguity. Its framework is that of chaotic discovery, of finding the third space, an internal space — not one of gray indifference, but full to the brim of burning, ardent desire for something other. This text will exemplify a series of markers that have been placed in the flowing tide surrounding gender, a gridded mesh that has allowed for a steadying of breath. For The Neutral, at times (especially for those cultivated in structure), threatens to consume and suffocate with its eddying churn, meaning the net offers not only support but guidance and acceptance for the indeterminate: the in between, those ostracised and caught in the midst of binaries — non-binary.


  • MA Degree


    School of Arts & Humanities


    MA Critical Writing in Art & Design, 2018

  • Gender, identity, sexuality and all the mess that is produced when they are questioned, probed, and investigated.

  • Degrees

  • BA Graphic Design, University for the Creative Arts, Epsom, 2006.