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Alexandra Theunissen

MA work


DYSsonance is a project aiming to help dyslexic people understand, read, play and compose music. Transposing sounds into notes is an intangible notion, hard to assimilate for a dyslexic person, who is a visual thinker. That’s why the DYSsonance notation is a graphical language based on colourful and simple shapes. DYSsonance translates the rhythm into geometric figures and notes into colours. The reference is the cube (crotchet), which is either divided or multiplied to express the variations of the rhythm. A rectangle represents the minim and the right-angle triangle the quaver, and so on.


  • Alexandra Theunissen
  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Design Products, 2014


    Platform 17

  • As a designer, my goal is to make everyday’s life easier. I am particularly committed to solve all scale problems. I like to play on the interaction with the user: give a soul to my objects through simplicity, poetry, humour and playability. 

    I aim to create efficient solutions and emotions through my projects.

  • Degrees

  • DNAP Design Products, École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims, France, 2012; BTS Design Products, ENSAAMA, Paris, 2010
  • Experience

  • Internship, Postler&Fergusson, London, 2013; Internship, Taïs Cabral studio, Shanghai, 2011; Internship, Edition Compagnie, Paris, 2009 ; Internship, ID_OS (Industrial Design Olaf Schroeder), Frankfurt, 2008
  • Exhibitions

  • Eau+Art+Design, Pavillon de l’eau, Paris 2011; Design Nature, International Biennial of Liege, Belgium, 2010; Lumière sur l'Art, BHV, Paris, 2009
  • Awards

  • First Prize, Eau de Paris, 2010; First Prize, Animal Expo, 2009; Third Prize, Animal Expo, 2009; First Prize, Le Mans Créapolis, 2009.