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Felix Pierron

MA work

Rolls-Royce Merlin (Seabird Reborn)

Despite NASA's predictions and warnings, in the middle of the 22nd century Miami got strongly hit by rising sea levels and the great flood of 2048. After a long period of adaptation, Miami citizens finally managed to go forward and the city went full electric, by respecting a worldwide environmental agreement called e-Era.

With the city's infrastructure now developing vertically, the market for personal air travel also started expanding. Everyone travelled by air - autonomous drones progressively became the new standard of personal transportation, especially within the inner city.
In 2084, Rolls Royce designs Merlin, as an answer to the growing demand for a new type of vertical luxury. Merlin is a next-generation Seaplane built in collaboration with NanoFlow Cell, the pioneers of ionic liquid powered engines. It is a luxurious seaplane which combines automotive DNA and an authentic experience of flying - unlike autonomous drones, you drive Merlin.

But not everyone. Prospective owners need to be loyal customers of the brand. After 2 weeks training, they’ll receive the coveted Rolls-Royce Seabird Pass, giving them access to the Nests. The Nests are vast coastal hangars at the base of the sky-scrappers, opening towards the sea. The Merlins are hung there when not in use.

In 2084, new luxury is above. You don't own Merlin -the sought-after Seabird Pass instead gives you access to an exclusive service.  It grants you a unique vehicle whose experience starts the moment you enter the Nest. Merlin is made to be driven outside the city, in the vast expanse of the air above the ocean.

 Born from the sea and made for the air –  Merlin takes you on the road trip of tomorrow.


  • MA Degree


    School of Design


    MA Vehicle Design, 2017

  • 'Storyteller'

    I like to invent stories, then design vehicles out of them. I like to sketch, develop and explore a unique universe for each vehicle I design. I want to heighten the emotions of all through my stories – to create desire, open mindedness and questioning.
  • Degrees

  • BTS Industrial Design, La Tourrache, Toulon, France