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Show RCA 2019

Sarah Kraus

Show RCA work

Major project:

Bad & Better

This project, Bad & Better, is a professional proposal for the British Library for a full exhibition. This exhibition brings a revolutionary data-heavy book, Factfulness [1] to multi-sensory life. It will inform visitors of the inspiring global statistics and expose them to our widely believed inaccuracies.

I use scientific evidence of sensory memory building to translate accessible information, memorable experiences. Our sensory organs have extremely strong and quick links to our memory; therefore, engaging and interacting with multiple senses at an exhibition, like this one, will increase the chances of understanding the information in several different ways. This concept creates additional sensory links to our current memories, which allows us to retain new experiences. A conscious perception of a moment.

'What should these experiences be?' – George Bernard Shaw. I believe that experiences should balance and enhance the need to use and feed all of your sensory organs information. I have shown this by engaging all of the senses, except taste, in the British Library proposal.

Sight is only one of our senses. If we explore olfactory, tactile, auditory and gustatory, we can create a more memorable experience for visitors.

This project documents a proposal alongside one exhibit prototype. It accounts a target audience, balance and flow throughout the exhibit. I have collaborated with the British Library, a local poet and an architect, to bring this project proposal together.

1. Rosling, H. (2018) Factfulness: 10 Reasons you are wrong about the world - And why things are better than you think.


  • School

    School of Communication


    MA Information Experience Design


    IED: Experimental Design

  • Contact

  • In my practice, I have explored the links between interaction and memory. I translate information into a sensorial, memorable experience by meaningfully engaging our senses.

    I believe that experiences should balance and enhance the need to use and feed all of your sensory organs' information. I define an experience as a conscious perception of a moment.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Visual Communications, University of Westminster, 2017
  • Exhibitions

  • Tasty and Smelly: A Different Way to Connect With Art, Tate Modern, 2017; David Parr Fable, David Parr House Museum, 2018; Apocalypse, BLOCK9, 2018
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