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Show RCA 2019

Corie McGowan

Show RCA work

Major project:

Does every day feel like a struggle? Do you feel like you are not able to achieve your full potential? Are you worried about what is in your food, or even the air that you are currently breathing in? Are you concerned that you don’t have complete control over your medical care; Well look no further as Silicare has just the right thing for you.

Silicare™ (2019) is a fictional healthcare company and body of work exploring the underlying anxieties within the deception of health commodification and its hyper capitalised regimes. Consequently, cross-hatched with hypochondria and eco instability. The main component to the work is an 11min and 19sec video where vibrant, playful images are played against ambient soundscapes and poetic writings. The film features hand-casted silicon masks, taken from 3D scans of the wearers' faces. Commenting on the dark reality of hyper-capitalism presented within the framework of a cynical, and dryly comical narrative. Algorithmic advertising spirals into climate instability and health concerns. Consumer product detritus slips into the watery depths of hydrofeminsm and pseudo-science.

Silicare™ actively plays upon the notion of parody; a near future or perhaps alternative world where ultra-personalised, “multi-faceted” healthcare dominates. Routinely, we are fixated with getting ‘better’ and fixing our problems with often narrow-minded A.I driven ‘smart’ care, 3D printed pharmaceuticals and digital GP’s. While at the same time we are faced with climate emergency and feelings of being environmentally corrupted or alienated from our bodies via toxins, pollutants, and microplastics.

Your journey starts now! Activate now, rejuvenate now! Please consult your healthcare professional before trying Silicare™. When using Silicare please don’t drive or operate machinery. Sleepwalking may occur so be sure not to use near roads or sharp objects or vertical drops. Memory loss may occur. As well as abnormal behaviours such as being less aggressive, tired and less likely to care about political issues. Don’t worry with time these behaviours become normal and you will notice a change in everyone...


  • Corie McGowan fuses together a combination of sculptural objects alongside moving image. Works span a fictional narrative playing upon anthropological themes, from the watery depths of hydrofeminism to medical care and hyper-capitalist regimes; with interest in the alienation of the body technology. Ultimately, works present an alternative reality, where consumerism has gone so far into itself that it has become unwittingly a parody.  

    McGowan is interested in exploiting capitalistic systems of power, found within the consumerist sphere of neo-liberalism. Attempting to mock the absurdness of these power structures and their overly commodified packaged consumer products. Seeking to ridicule online advertising content by commenting on the excessiveness of contemporary commodified beauty, health and wellbeing disenchantment. Creating a comical display of over-consumption, a celebration of the over-the-top; an uncanny and amusing ensemble of sumptuous, seductive, and grotesque imagery.

    ​Corie McGowan is originally from Northern Ireland and is currently based in London, United Kingdom. McGowan has screened film work at international film festivals including the Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico) and Rotterdam Film Festival (The Netherlands). While also being a participant in the Cybertwee HQ (USA); a critically acclaimed virtual reality exhibition featured in the Guardian and New York Times.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA (Hons) Fine Art: Print and Time-based media, University of the Arts London, 2016
  • Experiences

  • Senior Gallery Assistant, The Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2018-present; Freelance Education Assistant, The Photographer's Gallery London, 2013-present; Art technician, Mill Hill County High School, London, 2017; Gallery Assistant, Curator, The Square Gallery, London, 2016-2017
  • Exhibitions

  • Togetherness, Assembly Point, London, 2019; Silicare™, The Performance Bar, WORM, Rotterdam, 2019; Patatas Guerra, Berlin, 2018; Gurl Projects, Noble Studios, London, 2018; Mutual Feeling 2-VR: Cybertwee Headquarters, The Alibi, London, 2017; herOiNE:The Future is Pink, The Square Gallery, London, 2017; Spilt Milk, Pop-Up Art Cafe, London, 2017; FICG31, Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara, Guadalajara Mexico, 2017; PMS Satellite, The Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, 2017; De Monstris, Performance with Despoina Zacharopoulo, Royal College of Art, London, 2016; Paint By Number, The Brunswick, Leeds, 2016; Cybertwee Headquarters, VR World, New York, 2017
  • Publications

  • Bicknell-Knight Bob, Is This It? Issue 1, 2017; Face Alex, Claw Marks, Issue 1, 2017; Paint By Number, Issue 1, 2016; Sakai Mia,Aether Magazine, Issue 7, Issue 9, 2016
  • Awards

  • Shortlisted, Royal Ulster Academy 135th Exhibition, 2016
  • Funding

  • Recipient of the Royal College of Art Continuation Bursary
  • Collaborators

  • Martina Krajňáková; James Baxter; Jess Shead; Misha Farrant; Yang Xu; Grace Woodcock
Royal College of Art