Wilma Stone

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Major project:

When We Dead Awaken, Our Feral Ghostchild Comes Lekin' Art

Two moving image works augmented through over-painted film stills:

When We Dead Awaken, Our Feral Ghostchild Comes Lekin' Art

(Single channel HD video, 07:53, 2018)

The Good Kind

(Single channel HD video, 04:48, 2018)


  • I deal in a rebellious, anarchic energy that aims to holla truth into the silence of everyday atrocities. Falling in and out of line with my genealogy of revolt, I trip and stumble and yield to the call, following a relentless longing, (oh, that runaway, libidinous will to relate!), entangled in the symptomatic persistence of my continual pursuit to re-enchant the world after all is presumed lost.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA (Hons) Applied Arts, Batley School of Art, 2009; FD Ceramics, Batley School of Art, 2014; FD Interior Architecture, Batley School of Art, 2008
  • Experiences

  • Co-Founder, Legendary Offspring Limited, London, 2016; Co-Producer & Co-Writer, Salon Pictures, The Iconoclast (feature documentary), 2017
  • Exhibitions

  • Too Much Information, Seventeen Gallery, London, 2018; Sirens In The Blank, The Hockney Gallery, The Royal College of Art, London, 2018
  • Publications

  • Wilma Stone and King Adz, This is Not Fashion: Streetwear Past, Present and Future, Thames and Hudson, 2018; King Adz, Street Knowledge, Harper Collins, 2010, p.284.; Straight Outta Nowhere, ModArt Magazine, Issue18, 2010, p.24.
  • Awards

  • Fabrique du Cinema Awards, The Iconoclast, Best International Documentary, Rome, 2017
  • Funding

  • David Constantine White Bursary 2013
Royal College of Art