Sorin Choi

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As Richard Hamilton collaged the present and the future of the modern domestic life on Just What Is It That Makes Today's Home So Different, So Appealing? 1956, the world we are living in still features the latest Hoover, boastful households, and plasticised bodies as the ideal future.

Despite the introduction of Roomba, the robotic cleaner, our housekeeping still requires human labour. Mattel still sells Dreamhouses for Barbie equipped with rooms mainly focus on domestic services. I found these inventions quite absurd, where there is a wide discrepancy between an ideal exterior and intolerant interior, an absurd gap between utopia and reality.

My works focus on the futility of the human aspiration of the dwelling by collaging objects that are absurd and staging distorted domesticity through sculpture and film. At the same time, the process of the art making is a fulfilment of my childhood desire, the consolation of the memory, and transformation of an existing place to an outer world.


  • Previous degrees

  • BFA Painting, Rhode Island School of Design, 2013
  • Exhibitions

  • Solo exhibitions; Home-work, CICA Museum, Gimpo, S.Korea, 2018; Our Twisted " ___ ", Gallery Jireh, Paju, S.Korea, 2016; 靑陽: Blue Sun, Paju, S.Korea, 2015; Group exhibitions; The Authentic Fake, London, 2018; Too Much Information, Seventeen Gallery, Lonon, 2018; Ex-temporary, Safehouse I, London, 2018; Decoding Sensations, London, 2017; Corpografias, A-side B-side Gallery, London, 2016 Curated by Batubalani Art Projects; ART TORI ARTIST 2015, Gallery Jireh, Paju, S.Korea, 2015; Color on Canvas: Into the Blue, Mimesis Art Museum, Paju, S.Korea 2015; #DIPLOMATICWIRES, Furthermore Gallery, Washington DC, 2013; THE ATRIUM, Memorial Hall Gallery, Rhode Island, 2013; Do You Think I Care, Gelman Gallery, Rhode Island, 2012; Raccoglimento, Bakeka, Rho, Italy, 2009
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