Meg Brain

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Major project:


  • Previous degrees

  • BA Hons Fine Art, Liverpool John Moores University, 2015
  • Exhibitions

  • Too Much Information, Seventeen Gallery, London, 2018; SMOG, Arthill Gallery, London, 2018; A Show About The Show, Scaffold, Bankley Gallery, Manchester, 2017; Tilt, Seasons, Maxilla, London, 2017; Borders_Borders, Edinburgh School of Art, 2017; Company, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 2017; TPA/MUESLI, Fünf, Liverpool, 2016; Alchemy, Black Lodge, Liverpool, 2016; Institution/Outstitution, The International 3, Manchester, 2015; Cascading Relevant Information, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, 2015; GIN5, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, 2015; Like it or lump it, Enjoy, Leeds, 2015; Common Bodies, East Street Arts, Leeds, 2015; Doll Glaze Gossip, John Lennon Art & Design, Liverpool, 2015; Contrasting Geometries, LCB, Liverpool, 2015; Triennial, Camp and Furnace, Liverpool 2014; Singularity, Duality, Multiplicity, Metal, Liverpool, 2014
  • Awards

  • Shortlisted for The Red Mansion Foundation, 2018; RCA School of Fine Arts and Humanities International Awards for Art Criticism Travel Award, 2017; Shortlisted for Bluewolf Scholarship and Installation, 2017; The Royal Standard 1.1 Residency Award, 2016/2015
  • Funding

  • The Eaton Fund, The Sidney Perry Foundation, Yorkshire Ladies’ Council of Education, RCA Continuation Fund
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