I-Liang Cheng

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  • I-Liang-Cheng, born in Taiwan and is currently working and living in London. He has done a BA in men’s wear and been working in the fashion design field for several years before he started studying sculpture at Royal College of Art. His fine art practice, predominately inspired by his philosophical contemplation of phenomenology, existentialism and durational aesthetics, results in creating works rang from installation, sculpture to performance art. The notions of time within both a social and humanity context is also essential throughout his practice.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA, Fashion Design, Shih Chien University
  • Exhibitions

  • ”Plane of Immanence” Safehouse gallery, London, UK, 2018; ”Tell me I’m here” Asylum chapel, London, UK, 2018; ”Too much information” seventeen gallery, London, UK, 2018; “The Rehab Lab” Hockney gallery, London, UK, 2018; “Critical Cartographies” Filet gallery, London, UK, 2018; “Symposium: The coming community” Crypt gallery, London, UK, 2017; “RCA Sculpture” Sculpture court, Edinburgh, UK, 2017; “Transcending Three Generations” at the Pingtung Art Museum, Pingtung, Taiwan, 2011; “After the Bridge: Ruminant Representation after Classification, Mixture and Symbiosis’, Kao Yuan University Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2010
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