Chloe Windsor

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Major project:

Galatea Gives The Gift of Death

Over the past few years I’ve been making a body of work linking the physics of energy transference in phosphorescent and fluorescent objects to metaphors in religious art. I’m very drawn to the idea that scientific theories can be fantastical and wondrous rather than cold, hard objective fact. Isaac Newton has been a pivotal figure for me in my research, as a rigorous scientist who sought empirical evidence of spiritual matters. Physical and chemical processes of change led me to research the stories of Narcissus and Pygmalion from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, finding the links in these stories between art, sex, the Self and immortality that have renewed relevance in the age of the internet. For my final show work I have explored the science behind Victorian optical illusions and phantasmagoria, and burgeoning hologram technology in relation to figurative sculpture. I have used traditional sculpture techniques that are outmoded in contemporary art institutions (clay modelling and plaster casts) yet still reverberate through our ideas about what sculpture is and how it should look.


  • My artwork references an archaeological approach to knowledge, excavating through various points in history to reveal instabilities, incongruities and questions. I aim to make work that is multi-layered in its meanings and references so that the viewer too can feel like an archaeologist working out the different strata in the work. I enjoy grounding my work in traditional sculpture techniques such as modelling, carving, construction and casting. In making work that is historically loaded, both in subject matter and in the traditional processes of making, and combining it with the dramatic quality of light, I am concerned in creating artwork that has an atmospheric quality.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practices, University of Dundee, 2010
  • Exhibitions

  • You Bring Light In, Superclub Gallery, Edinburgh, 2013; New Work, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh, 2014; Sorry, From Out of Town!, Franconia @ Casket, Minneapolis, USA, 2014; RSA Open Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, 2016; Coup de Theatre, Summerhall Gallery, Edinburgh, 2016; Seasons, Maxilla Space, London, 2017; Too Much Information, Seventeen Gallery, London, 2018
  • Awards

  • Arts Trust Funding Award, 2014
  • Funding

  • Creative Scotland Open Project Fund (group exhibition funding), 2016
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