Chloe Farrar

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Major project:

The work is deeply rooted in a sympathetic approach towards materials, as I revel in the intimacies of the fragment, the vulnerabilities of the overlooked, subtleties of the imprint, complexities of the minute and re-framing of surface. Ultimately, the fragile and transitory state of the built and the body. Between the creases of our hands and the cracks of crumbling debris, veins opaque and meandering beneath the surface of our skin echoing that of fresh cut marble, or the folds of flesh tensing and relaxing like the porous ripples of plaster as it quickly sets.


  • As an artist from Post-Industrial Lancashire in the North West of England, this embeds itself in the way I attempt to understand the complexities of our landscapes. Challenging the familiarity of perpetual transition. Of landscapes altering, adapting, tensing, squeezing, condensing, rising, crumbling, falling. Exploring the process of transition through making; making provoked by our constant and shifting demands. 

    My practice explores this interconnection and interdependence between not only construction and production but also an architectural and bodily construction. Considering surface as an archive where imprint, trace and texture bridge dualities between the material and maker, internal and external, construction and deconstruction, micro and macro, body and building, flesh and concrete. 

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Fine Art, Kingston University London, 2016
  • Exhibitions

  • Too Much Information, Seventeen Gallery, London, 2018; Critical Cartographies, FILET Space, London, 2018; Seasons, Maxilla Space, London 2017; Borders Borders, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, 2017; Work in Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London, 2017; Drawing Show, Royal College of Art, London, 2016; NeoPrint Prize, Neo Gallery, Bolton, 2016; Kingston University Fine Art Degree Show, Kingston University, London, 2016; Making and Showing, Knights Park Foyer, London, 2016; Pasteurised prepared cheese product, No.1 America Square, London, 2015; The interpreting mind, Dalston Studios, London, 2014
  • Awards

  • Neo Print Prize, Finalist, 2016; Red Mansion Art Prize, Shortlist, 2017
  • Funding

  • Gilbert Bayes Sculpture Prize, Eaton Fund, Continuation Fund
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